Apple TV is an ideal media streaming device in the market today. The small square box looks attractive and is packed with impressive features. At the same time, we have NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, which gamers love the most. NVIDIA Shield is believed to be an irreplaceable device when it comes to performance. At the same time, it is nearly as expensive as an Apple TV or even more. It makes people worry if NVIDIA Shield is worth the price and hype. So, we will help you choose the right device for you by comparing the features of Apple TV vs NVIDIA Shield.

What is Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple TV is a unique media streaming device that runs the supported apps on it faster than other media streamers. You can watch 4K videos from your favorite apps on an Apple TV. Also, it has impressive audio quality support as well. In addition, it has Siri voice support and comes with a Siri remote to enhance the feature. With a clean and simple user interface, you will get access to all the important apps. Apple TV is considered the costly version of a media streaming device.

What is NVIDIA Shield


NVIDIA Shield is an Android-based 4K content streaming device in the market. In addition, it supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision to give you the best TV experience. It is on the bit pricey side of the scale for 4K streamers. However, people pay this heavy price for NVIDIA Shield TV because of its irreplaceable performance. Also, it has the AI upscaling feature that we have seen only on high-end TV models. One of the main reasons that people enjoy using NVIDIA Shield is because of the best gaming experience it provides.

Apple TV vs NVIDIA Shield: Apps

Apple TV has an Apple App Store with a collection of impressive apps that you can download. The content-rich app library is as big as 15,000 apps. There is no way that you can sideload apps on your Apple TV. In addition, Apple TV supports AirPlay. To be more specific, you can cast apps from your iOS devices and Mac to your Apple TV with the help of the AirPlay feature.

Apple TV home screen

NVIDIA Shield TV is Android-based and includes Google Play Store in it. Therefore, you can access as many apps as you can download on an Android TV. You can sideload apps on the device from a third-party site if you wish. In addition, it has support for Chromecast. So, you can cast apps from your Android devices, iOS devices, and the Chrome browser websites on your TV.

NVIDIA Shield home screen

Apple TV vs NVIDIA Shield: Storage and Pricing

Apple TV has two different versions available based on their storage spaces. To be more specific, you can choose between a 32 GB Apple TV version and a 64 GB version. On the other hand, NVIDIA Shield TV Pro has storage of 16 GB. However, NVIDIA Shield TV Pro has facilities to access external storage while Apple TV 4K doesn’t. Concerning the fact that you can expand its storage, you can use NVIDIA Shield TV Pro as a Plex Media Server.

  • Apple TV 32 GB version costs you $179
  • Apple TV 64 GB version costs you $199
  • NVIDIA Shield TV Pro costs you $200

Apple TV 4k vs Nvidia Shield Pro: Picture Quality

Apple TV 4K supports the best video streaming quality with HDR and Dolby Vision. The video qualities supported on Apple TV include 4K Standard Dynamic Range (SDR), 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR), and 4K Dolby Vision.

Apple TV vs NVIDIA Shield

At the same time, NVIDIA Shield Pro supports 4K HDR and Dolby Vision on your TV. The AI upscaling feature from NVIDIA Shield Pro enhances the video from HD to 4K. You can also enable the AI upscaling feature using a slider. Therefore, you get videos that are more bright and crispier. With that, you can upscale videos of streaming resolution 1080p and below.

Apple TV vs NVIDIA Shield: Gaming

Apple has a collection of games that you can play in the Apple Arcade. However, it doesn’t stand huge against the Android’s rich collection of games you get on NVIDIA Shield. The games in Apple Arcade will only be suitable for casual gamers. Some of the best games on Apple Arcade include Alto’s Adventure: Spirit of the Maintain, Angry Birds Reloaded, Big Time Sports, Card of Darkness, and Crossy Road.

Apple Arcade

As you already know, NVIDIA Shield is the better choice for gaming. It supports cloud gaming and NVIDIA GameStream. Also, you can access NVIDIA GeForce Now with an NVIDIA Shield TV Pro. Therefore, NVIDIA Shield TV Pro supports AAA games from the Steam app. However, you need to have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card on your device to get the best gaming experience.

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Why Should I Get NVIDIA Shield

Apple TV vs NVIDIA Shield
  • It has built-in Google Assistant support.
  • It supports 4K and HDR picture formats.
  • NVIDIA Shield supports high-end AI upscaling technology.
  • It is the best device to add to your Google ecosystem.
  • NVIDIA Shield is the best choice for anyone who enjoys gaming.
  • You can use external storage on your NVIDIA Shield TV Pro.

Why Should I Get Apple TV

Apple TV
  • Apple TV supports 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos.
  • Apple TV is for you if you have more Apple devices.
  • It has the support of the Siri voice assistance.
  • Apple TV has better storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shield better than Apple TV?

If you are looking for the best gaming experience, then definitely Shield is better than Apple TV. However, Apple TV gives you access to casual games in the Apple Arcade.

Is Nvidia Shield worth it for streaming?

Nvidia Shield is filled with features that are worth the hype and price. For instance, it supports AI upscaling that isn’t available on Apple TV 4K of a similar price range. The feature is only supported on high-end smart TV models.

Is Apple TV worth the extra money?

Apple TV is worth the money because of the features that it support. You can get it if you already have more Apple devices.

Apple TV 4k vs Nvidia Shield Pro. Which is better?

Both the devices have their own pros and cons. However, if you are more into gaming Shield Pro goes well. Apple TV 4K is the best for those who want to stream high-quality videos.

Apple TV 4k Upscaling vs Nvidia Shield? Which is better?

If you prefer a home theatre-like experience, Nvidia Shield upscaling is the better option.