Audiobooks are the new and coolest way to enjoy books and novels by listening to them. It is not inferior to reading books if you have the best presenter reading the book for you. On Apple TV, you can find Audiobooks of popular classics and the latest trendsetter books. You can listen to these books over the speakers while indulging any work. Also, listen to these interesting books through your AirPods and Bluetooth headsets paired to the Apple TV. Audiobooks can set the mood of these books up with additional background music. Find out the best Audiobooks app for your Apple TV.

How to Play Audiobooks on Apple TV

Audible has the biggest collection of Audiobooks among the competitor apps in the market. The updated app library is rich, with 470,000 titles to choose from. The subscription-based Audiobooks streaming app from Amazon will cost you $17.95 per month. It gives you access to the whole library. The app has all the necessary features, including playback, sleep mode, bookmarks, download, playback speed, and background playback. It isn’t available on Apple TV, and you can screen mirror it on your Apple TV from iOS devices.

Audiobooks on Apple TV

Audible on Apple TV through AirPlay

Since there is no Audible app on Apple TV, you can access the audiobooks from Audible with AirPlay. You can AirPlay Audible on your Apple TV from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

1. Connect your Apple TV and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Next, download the Audible app on your iPhone from the App Store.

3. Launch the app on your iPhone and log in to your account.

4. On your iOS device, launch the Control Center and tap the AirPlay icon.

Screen mirroring

5. From the available devices, select your Apple TV.

6. Soon, the app will start to screen mirror on your TV.

7. Finally, play any content from Audible and enjoy listening to them on your TV.

Audible on Apple TV through iTunes Home Sharing

You can use the ViWizard Audible Converter tool to decrypt Audiobook. It will crack Audible files even without an account and iTunes.

How to Convert Audible AA/AAX Books

1. Initially, make sure that you have saved the Audible files on your computer offline.

2. You can also download the audiobooks with iTunes or Audible Download Manager.

3. On your PC or Mac, install the ViWizard AA/AAX Audiobook Converter.

4. Open the ViWizard software on your PC after installation.

5. Drag & drop the Audiobooks or click on Add Files and choose the Audiobooks to the converter.

Audiobooks on Apple TV

6. Next, select an output format like M4B or M4A from the Format button.

Audiobooks on Apple TV

7. Finally, click on the Convert button and remove the protection on Audible Audiobooks.

How to Play Audiobooks From Audible

Now you can easily access Audible books from the iTunes library. Follow these instructions to use iTunes Home Sharing.

1. On your PC, open iTunes and select the File option.

2. Next, click on the Add File to Library and select the audible books that you have converted.

3. Click the Add to Library button.

4. Select the File menu and select the Home Sharing option.

5. Next, select the Turn On Home Sharing option.

6. Select the Edit menu and select the Preferences option.

7. Click on the Sharing button and choose all the Audible books you want to play.

8. Log In to iTunes Home Sharing on your Apple TV.

9. Select the Computers option, select the Audiobooks option and play Audible books.

Audiobooks on Apple TV

Alternative Options to Access Audiobooks on Apple TV

Other options to access Audiobooks on Apple TV include the following.

Apple Books

Apple Books

Apple Book is Apple’s collection of books and Audiobooks supported on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch. With the help of the Screen mirroring feature, you will be accessing Apple Books on your TV. The content on Apple Books includes trend-setting bestsellers, legendary classics, and the works of up-and-coming authors. Also, find titles under genre keywords like comics, non-fiction, fiction, thrillers, romance, kids, and more. Also, find Audiobooks narrated by actors, and authors. is a fascinating app with Audiobooks and podcasts with amazing features. It has more than 300000 Audiobooks and 100 million episodes of podcasts. The collection includes your favorite bestsellers and classics with 10,000 free Audiobooks. The app is natively available for download in the Apple TV App Store. You can download these books and enjoy listening to them offline. Search for books based on genres as the library has a wide variety of genres, including non-fiction and kid’s books.

Hoopla Digital


Hoopla Digital is an Audiobooks app with 1,000,000 titles that you can read, watch and listen to. You need a Hoopla library card to access this fascinating digital library. Also, the Hoopla library card will remove all the ads on the service. The collection isn’t restricted to bestselling titles alone. You can find treasures of hard-to-find titles in the service. Also, you can always find something new to watch on Hoopla as the library is expanded with new titles each month. It has a Kids Mode that filters the service and shows only family-friendly content. In addition, Hoopla has user-friendly features like digital bookmarks, notes, customizable page color, and more.

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Google Play Books

Audiobooks on Apple TV

Google Play Books is an interesting app from Google with a rich collection of ebooks and audiobooks. The app is available on iOS devices and not on Apple TV. Therefore, you will have to screen mirror the app on your Apple TV to listen to the books. The app recommends Audiobooks based on your interests with no additional subscriptions. The app has free preview samples of its books and comics and accesses them offline. Access the app on different devices and listen to Audiobooks from where you left reading it.

Bookmobile Audiobook Player

Audiobooks on Apple TV

Bookmobile is a simple and user-friendly Audiobook app on iOS devices that you can access on your Apple TV by screen mirroring. This app is a single window to access Audiobooks from different services like iTunes, audible, RSS feeds, Dropbox, and Librivox. You can download the app for free and listen to 5 Audiobooks for free during the first 60 days. To access unlimited Audiobooks, get a $3.99 in-app purchase.  It has additional features like customizable bookmarks, notes, recorder, customizable Audiobook cover, and title.

LibriVox Audio Books 

Audiobooks on Apple TV

LibriVox has an audio library with a rich collection of over 50000 Audiobooks that you can listen to on the internet. It also has facilities to download the Audiobooks to stream them offline. Find treasures of best-selling books, classics, and out-of-print titles in various genres. This library has Audiobooks in 30 languages, including titles about biographies, history, world literature, poetry, and short stories. Find Audiobooks based on title, author, and genre. It is a free library of books with features like a bookmark and sleep timer.

Chirp Audiobooks

Audiobooks on Apple TV

The popular Audiobooks on Chirp include the audios of New York Times Bestsellers. The app brings you books by your favorite authors and gives you daily recommendations that you shouldn’t miss out on. Chirp has features of downloading Audiobooks that you can stream offline. Additional features on Chirp include a sleep timer, easy chapter navigation, and adjustable speed of Audiobooks. Buy the titles from Chirp starting at $1.99. Chirp is available on iOS devices, and you need to mirror it on your Apple TV to access it.

Scribd – Audiobooks & Ebooks 

Scribd is an Audiobooks app with a cool collection of Audiobooks, eBooks, Podcasts, Research Documents, Magazine Articles, And Sheet Music Selections. The content library of mysteries and stories can be unlocked with a $9.99 per month subscription. The vast genres on Scribe include Sci-Fi, True Crime, Biographies, Romance, Business, Fiction, Entertainment, Travel, Cooking, Politics, Religion, and more. The app is available for download on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Therefore, you will have to screen mirror Scribd on an Apple TV.

Bound – Audiobook Player

Audiobooks on Apple TV

Get subscribed to the Bound app with a subscription costing you $3.99. Bound is a cloud-based Audiobooks app that won’t eat up the storage of your devices. It lets you access DRM-free Audiobooks from your cloud storage services, including iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. It supports formats including .mp3, .m4a, .m4b, and .aac. Bound has the best features like a sleep timer, adjustable speed, and bookmarks. You can customize the covers of the books and even rename the book titles, dates added, and the author’s name. It is supported on your iPhone alone, and you will have to mirror the app on your TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to Audiobooks on Apple TV?

Yes, listen to Audiobooks on your Apple TV with a variety of apps.

Does Apple TV have Audiobooks?

Apple TV has Audiobook apps like Hoopla Digital and In addition, you can access more Audiobooks apps from iOS devices by screen mirroring.

Can you Play Audiobooks on Apple TV?

Yes, you can listen to music, Audiobooks, and podcasts on your Apple TV with different apps.

Can I do private listening on Apple TV to listen to audiobooks?

Yes. You can share audio from Apple TV 4k to up to two pairs of wireless headphones.

Does Apple have an audiobook app?

Yes. Audible is an audiobook app from Apple with which you can listen to audiobooks.

Can I add audiobooks to Apple Watch?

Apple Watch supports syncing audiobooks from the Apple Books. However, audiobooks from other sources aren’t synced to Apple Watch.

Are audiobooks available on Apple Music?

Yes. Apple Music streams audiobooks for subscribers in the U.S.

How many audiobooks are on Audible?

Audible has more than 200000 audiobooks and its library is still expanding.

Can I get Audiobooks on Apple Podcasts?

Yes. Apple Podcasts support listening to audiobooks.