Apple TV remotes are powered with batteries on them. It has been a few years since Apple TV was introduced to the market. Since then, Apple has introduced a few different models of Apple TV. Different versions of Apple TV have different remote versions, including the Siri remote. They have different batteries to power them up. You can replace the batteries on these remotes except for the Siri remote, which supports charging. Keep reading the following section to make yourself familiar or know more about the battery on Apple TV remote controllers.

Apple TV Remote Battery Size and Type

A lithium 3V coin battery powers up Apple TV remotes of older models. The battery will last for years before there is any need for replacement. It supports a CR 2032 battery that is available to buy at most general retailers. In addition, you can buy the battery online. The battery lasts long as it has only limited features compared to the newer Siri remote. At the same time, Siri remote battery drains out often as it supports Siri voice search and control. That is why the Siri remote supports a rechargeable battery.

How to Change the Battery in Your Apple Remote

Let’s find out how to replace the batteries on an Apple TV remote.

Apple Remote (Aluminum)

You can use a CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery on your Aluminum battery. 

1. On your Apple TV remote, find the battery component.

2. With the help of a coin, turn the battery compartment door counterclockwise to open the door.

battery on Apple TV remote

3. Take the old battery from the battery compartment.

4. You can put a new battery on your remote with the positive side facing up toward you.

Apple Remote (White)

You can use a new CR2032 battery on your white Apple remote.

1. On your Apple TV remote, find the battery compartment.

2. Open the battery component with a paper clip or something similar.

3. On the side tray of the battery compartment, press the circular release button.

4. Remove the old battery from the battery compartment.

White remote

5. Insert the battery in the compartment with the positive side facing up towards you.

Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote

You can’t replace the battery that comes with a Siri or Apple TV (HD and 4K) remote. The batteries on these versions of the remotes are rechargeable. You can use a Lightning USB cable to charge it. You can charge it with your computer or with a USB power adapter. 

Siri remote

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How to Charge an Apple TV Remote

You don’t have to recharge your Siri Remote very often. Once the remote is fully charged, it should last for a few months. When the remote is drained off the battery, you will start to get low battery warnings. Once you start charging the remote, it will take an hour or two. Connect the Siri Remote to an outlet or computer using a Lightning-to-USB cable. To check if your device is charging, follow these instructions.

1. On your device, open the Settings button.


2. Select the Remotes and Devices option.

Remotes and Devices

3. Next, select the Remote option. The icon next to the remote will have a lightning bolt on it, indicating that the remote is being charged.

battery on Apple TV remote

4. On fourth-generation Apple TV and later models, you will get an alert on your TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the battery in the Apple TV remote?

You can change the batteries on your Apple TV remotes, excluding the Siri remote.

How do I check the Apple TV remote battery?

Open the Settings on your Apple TV > Remotes and Devices > Remote. The icon next to the remote will show you the remaining charge.

How long does Apple TV Remote battery last?

Older remote batteries last for years because of their limited features. At the same time, Siri remote batteries last for 3 months. However, it might be different based on how long it is being used.

Does Apple TV remote battery drain fast?

No. Apple TV remote battery lasts for longer as they use either CR 2032 battery or a lithium 3V coin battery.