Apple TV is one of the most desirable streaming platforms in the market right now. The latest version on the device allows you to stream your favorite content in 4K HD to your TV. The Apple TV device comes with remote control with Apple’s very own voice assistant, Siri.  Instead of using the Apple TV remote, you can use your iPhone to control your Apple TV device. You can do the same with an Android smartphone. However, unlike the iPhone, Android devices don’t come with this function by default. As a result, you need to rely on a third-party app to control your Apple TV from your Android smartphone. There are a considerable number of remote control apps on the Google PlayStore for Apple TV. But finding the best among them can become a tedious task. Hence we have come up with here we bring you the 10 Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android.

Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices

After going through various Apple TV remote apps for Android, here are the apps we think are worth giving a try.


Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices Peel

Peel Smart Remote offers a very user-friendly interface to control your Apple TV streaming device. Moreover, this app comes with an in-built IR blaster, giving you unmatched performance making this the best Apple TV remote app for Android. Peel Smart Remote also allows you to cast your mobile screen to your Apple TV device. The app is also compatible with other devices like set-top boxes, Roku, and much more.

  • Download the Peel Smart Remote from the Play Store.


Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices AnyMote

AnyMote is another amazing alternative for your Apple TV remote. It comes with a very friendly interface and some features not even available on the original remote. For instance, the app comes with IR blaster support to control your Apple TV via WIFI. The app is available for free. However, the  Pro version costs $6.99 per month.


Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices Air Remote

Air Remote is a free-to-install app for your Android device. The app works with devices that support IR-blaster. Thus, you can launch the app and use it to control the Apple TV device without any need for pairing. It has two different user interfaces, a standard button-based controller or an advanced swipe gesture-based interface. The free version of Air Remote is ad-supported, but if you want an uninterrupted version, you can purchase it for $3.49 per month.


Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices Unified Remote

Unified Remote app controls the Apple TV 2nd Gen, to Apple TV 4th Gen. With this app, navigating the Apple TV interface is a breeze. The unified remote is a multi-platform app available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Unified Remote app comes with light and dark themes making the user experience pleasant.


Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Devices SURE

SURE Universal remote app is a multi-device remote control app that supports over 1 million different devices. It is the only remote app with security options to keep your devices in check. The app has a voice control feature that you can use to control your Apple TV device.

  • Download the SURE Universal remote app from the Play Store.

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Cider TV is an efficient remote control Apple TV. It is made with the original design of the Apple TV remote in mind, so it resembles the functionality a lot. With this app, navigating on your Apple TV is effortless. With the free version, you can control a single Apple TV device. If you have a Pro version, you can control multiple Apple devices simultaneously. The Pro version comes at $4.99 per month.


 TV Apple Remote

This app is meant to replace your Apple TV remote, TV (Apple) Remote Control is the best choice to control your Apple TV if you are missing your Apple TV remote. This app can also control some other media players and Apple devices like MacBook Pro, iMac, and more.


Retune ATV Remote

If you want to stream iTunes on Apple TV, the best choice for you is the Retune ATV remote control. Using this app, you can play, pause and resume iTunes movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and much more. You can install this remote app on Android for free.

  • Download Retune ATV remote control from the Play Store.


Free Apple TV Remote

Free Apple TV Remote is one of the best Apple TV remote apps for Android devices. You can use this app for easy navigation of the Apple TV interface. With this remote app, you can connect multiple iTunes at a time. It is another free-to-use app on the Play Store.

  • Download Free Apple TV Remote app from the Play Store.



ASmart Remote IR App for Android devices offers advanced remote control on Apple streaming devices. It includes all the basic features of a remote app. In addition, the app allows doing all the basic remote control features with ease. And this app is available for free.

  • Download ASmart Remote IR App from the Play Store.

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To Conclude

In this article, we have guided you through the best Apple TV remote apps for Android devices available out there. This is by no means a ranking list, and each of the apps is good for different people. So you can go and find the best one for you with relative ease. Check out our blog for more cool articles on your Apple TV.