Most of us have no time to go to the theatre in today’s fast-paced life. Apple TV comes to the rescue, giving you a home theatre feel. The best thing is it comes with lots of customizations. You can use the Apple TV Video and Audio settings to change the streaming format as per your need. In other words, you can change resolution on Apple TV and take your streaming experience to the next level. The screen resolution of Ultra HD at 2160p is the highest picture/video quality settings available in Apple TV. It gives you a peak screen brightness of 400 nits. All the Apple TV models support Ultra HD support.

But with Apple TV 4K (i.e., second-generation), you can get the best experience of Ultra HD resolution with richer colors. You can easily adjust picture resolution using the Siri remote control that comes with your Apple TV. Let us check out the steps to alter resolution on Apple TV.

How to Change Resolution on Apple TV

#1 Open the Settings app on Apple TV.

Launch the Settings app

#2 Select the Video and Audio option available next to the Users and Accounts menu.

Go to Video and Audio to Change Resolution Apple TV

#3 Choose Format under Video and Audio.

Change Resolution Apple TV

#4 The following page will show you the list of resolutions offered by Apple TV. Choose the Other Formats to view all the display resolution values and tap on the right display resolution for your Apple TV using the Siri remote.

Choose Other Formats

#5 If your Apple TV manages to switch to the display resolution that you’ve selected, you’ll be able to see a confirmation message as shown below. Choose OK in it.

Select OK

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How to Change Resolution on Apple TV 4k

Those using Apple TV 4k or Apple TV 4th generation can change the display resolution with the help of a remote.

#1 Hold the Menu and Volume Down buttons for about 5 seconds.

#2 Gently release your fingers.

#3 Now, you will find your Apple TV switching to a new resolution every 20 seconds.

#4 To use any desired resolution, you shall press OK. Else choose Cancel to quit.

If you want to watch old television programs or movies, there is no need to change your TV resolution. Even if you do so, it may not seem appropriate if the picture is all colored. But if you wish to watch the latest movies or TV shows, changing the resolution of Apple TV by following the above procedure might really benefit you.


How to change resolution on Apple TV 4K?

The above-mentioned procedure will be applicable for all the Apple TV models. So by following the above steps, you can change the resolution on Apple TV 4K.

How to change the screen size on Apple TV?

On Apple TV, go to Settings app > Accessibility > Choose Zoom.

How to change resolution on the Apple TV app?

On Apple TV mobile app, go to “Preferences” from the menu bar, choose the Playback tab, and use the drop-down icon to use different video streaming quality. It will change the resolution of your Apple TV.

Can you change TV input with the Apple TV remote?

No, you can’t change TV input directly with your Apple TV remote (i.e., Siri remote).

How to change quality on Apple TV?

You can change streaming quality on Apple TV by adjusting the video settings. To do so go to Settings app > Video & Audio.

How to change YouTube stream resolution on Apple TV?

Start watching any video on your Apple TV’s YouTube app. Then select the “three dots” on the top of the YouTube TV app’s window and select any options shown in the “Quality” option to change YouTube stream resolution.