Color balance is one of the most mind-blowing features of newer versions of Apple TV. To color balance your device, you need to use an iPhone with a Face ID. Also, note that you can only have this interesting feature on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD with tvOS 14.5 or higher. You will have to connect both of these devices to the same Wi-Fi network. When you do color balance, your device sends a signal showing a series of colors on your TV. With the help of the iPhone Face ID camera, you can measure how accurate these colors are. Make use of this data from your iPhone, and the Apple TV can adjust the way it outputs colors. Thereby, you can get the most accurate colors on your TV screen with Apple TV.

How to Use Color Balance on Apple TV

1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV from the home screen.

2. From the Settings menu, select Video and Audio option.

3. From the bottom of the menu, under the calibration options, select Color Balance.

Color Balance on Apple TV

4. Now, grab your iPhone and unlock it.

5. On your iPhone screen, you can see an Apple TV prompt on which you need to tap the Continue option.

6. You can see a glowing blue rectangle on your TV screen. Hold your iPhone close to the TV screen that flashes blue.

 glowing blue rectangle

7. You can see a series of colors and white flash inside the rectangle.

 glowing blue rectangle

8. Wait till your TV lets you know that the process is complete.

9. Next, select the Balanced option to get the color corrected profile with the data given by your iPhone.

Why Should I Color Balance My Apple TV

Since you have purchased your Apple TV for the best picture quality, then there is no way you wouldn’t want its colors to be not balanced. Once you color balances your device, you can get an image closer to the original one. With the default balance on your Apple TV, this accuracy is impossible. However, you might not feel like the color balance is not so effective if you have a cheaper television model. Some people also believe that color balance doesn’t have a precision of a Professional Calibration. This is true, but you need to pay a high price to get your Apple TV professionally calibrated. However, it is the best color balance that you can get with the help of your iPhone.

Color Balance on Apple TV

That was all about adjusting the color balance on your TV. With this, you will experience the truest video quality on your Apple TV screen while streaming any title.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust the color balance on Apple TV?

To adjust the color balance, you need an iPhone with Face Recognition. Also, this feature is only available on Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. Follow the above instructions to color balance the device.

Why is color balance not working on Apple TV?

The color balance feature will only work on Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. If you don’t have one of these devices, it is obvious why this feature is not working for you. Also, if you have a cheap version of television, the color calibration might not look effective.

How do I fix the color on my tvOS?

You can fix the color on your Apple TV by doing Color balance. The Color Balance compares the color of your Apple TV with that of the original and balances it accordingly.

How to color balance on Apple TV 4k?

You can follow the same procedure given in this section to color balance on your tvOS.

Can I increase the Brightness on Apple TV?

Yes. You can adjust the brightness under Accessibility >> Display Accommodations >> turn on Light Sensitity >> select Intensity >> adjust the percentage.