ESPN Plus is a must-have app on any streaming device if you don’t want to miss any gaming events and their updates. The app has a simple user interface and is not the one to come up with problems. However, you can’t rule out the possibility of the ESPN app buffering on your device. The worst-case scenario includes ESPN not working or loading. It is vital to fix the issue to continue using ESPN on Apple TV. You will find a compilation of useful troubleshooting tips to fix the ESPN app on Apple TV that is not working.

ESPN on Apple TV Not Working: Fixes

Try these troubleshooting tips if the ESPN app buffers on your Apple TV.

1. Restart ESPN

If the ESPN app is not working on your TV, you need to restart the app. Start by closing the ESPN app if it is not working. After a few seconds, launch the ESPN app once again. Now, check if the issue exists on the app.

2. Check if the ESPN Server is Down

ESPN on Apple TV may not work if the ESPN server is down. You need to check if the ESPN server is down or not. You can rely on the Downdetector website as it instantly updates you about the server outages.

Down Checker

3. Re-install ESPN

1. Uninstall the ESPN app on your Apple TV.

  • Highlight the ESPN app tile and press and hold the touch surface or clickpad center until the app jiggles. Press the Play/Pause button and choose Delete.

2. Restart your Apple TV by unplugging it from power and re-plugging it in after 30 seconds.

3. Once the device is turned on, open the App Store on it.

4. Search for the ESPN app and install it on your device.

5. Finally, sign in to your account and check if it works properly.

4. Check your Internet

If the internet you are connected to is weak, the issue might be with the ESPN app on your TV. You can check if the internet is strong enough by connecting other devices to it. If you feel your internet is not good enough, restart your router.

1. Unplug the Wi-Fi router from the power source and keep it the same for thirty seconds.

ESPN on Apple TV Not Working

2. After thirty seconds, you can connect the power cable back to the power source.

3. Check if the issue exists on the ESPN app.

5. Use Another App

If ESPN is not working on your Apple TV, check if other apps are working on your device. If the app you opened also comes up with issues, you can rule out the possibility of the ESPN app coming up with issues.

6. Disable VPN

If you have a VPN connection enabled on your Apple TV, you need to disable it. It is because it might put an extra load on your Apple TV. Check if the ESPN app works fine after disabling your VPN.

7. Check Your ESPN Subscription

ESPN is a subscription-based streaming service for sports. Your subscription is updated regularly in a time cycle. So, if your ESPN subscription hasn’t been updated, it is obvious that you can’t stream or access its content on your Apple TV. So, update your ESPN subscription if it is necessary to fix ESPN Plus not working on TV.


8. Update Apple TV Software

A software or firmware update on Apple TV essentially fixes any issues. Follow these instructions carefully.

1. From the home screen, open the Settings menu.

2. Click on the System option.

3. Choose the Software Updates option and then the Update Software option.

Software update

4. If there is a pending update, click on Download and Install.

Those were all the possible ways to fix the ESPN app streaming issue. You can try out all of them one by one to further stream your favorite sports events on your Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ESPN not working on Apple TV?

ESPN might not be working on Apple TV because of a weak internet, the ESPN server being down, a pending software update, or an expired ESPN subscription.

Can I use Apple TV to watch ESPN Plus?

You can download ESPN on Apple TV from the App Store and sign in to it with an ESPN+ subscription. Finally, you can enjoy watching sports events from the app on your TV.

How do I activate ESPN on Apple TV?

You can visit from your browser to enter the activation code displayed on the Apple TV. Click Continue and it will activate.

Can you watch ESPN on Apple TV?

Yes. If you have Apple TV 4th gen and later, you can get ESPN on Apple TV.

Will ESPN fails to work due to the AirPlay issue?

Yes. To resolve ESPN AirPlay not working issue, you shall need to connect your Apple devices and AirPlay supported devices to the same WIFI.