When it comes to animes, we don’t have a lot of options to choose from on Apple TV. If you enjoy animes, you would definitely have heard about Funimation. It is a much-loved anime streaming app that streams English-dubbed animes. Not just dubs, you can get animes with English subs as well. Anime titles to search for on Funimation includes Dragon Ball Z, K, Death Parade, and Attack on Titan. If you are an anime lover, then there is no way you would say no to streaming Funimation on Apple TV.

Funimation on Apple TV

Funimation is a subscription-based streaming service with three different plans. The Premium Plan, Premium Plus, and Premium Plus Ultra. Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra subscribers get extra benefits like annual gifts, episode downloading, and free shipping. You can enjoy a two-week free trial on Funimation.

How to Get Funimation on Apple TV

The Funimation app is all ready for download in the App store. However, you can add Funimation only on Apple TV (4th generation) and Apple TV 4K (5th generation). In other words, you need an Apple TV running on tvOS 9.0 or later.

[1] Firstly, turn on your Apple TV and connect it to your internet connection.

[2] Next, launch the Apps Store and open it by clicking on it.

Funimation on Apple TV

[3] Click on the Search icon on the top of the screen.

Funimation on Apple TV

[4] On the search bar, type down Funimation and search for the app.

[5] From the list of apps on your screen, click on Funimation.

[6] Start downloading the app by clicking on Install.

[7] Once the download is complete, click the Open button and launch Funimation.

[8] Start streaming your favorite anime on your Funimation app.

How to Watch Funimation on older generation Apple TV?

If you have an older generation Apple TV, then you can’t download Funimation. However, you can cast the app on your TV via AirPlay.

[1] Firstly, connect your Apple TV and iPhone/iPad to the same WiFi network.

[2] If you already haven’t, install the Funimation app on your iPhone/ iPad.

[3] Open Funimation and then Sign In to the app.

[4] Play any anime on Funimation, and then tap the AirPlay icon on the app.

[5] Choose your Apple TV device from the list of available devices.

[6] With this, the video starts playing on the TV screen immediately.

Funimation not Working on Apple TV – Possible Fixes

When you get issue with Funimation, you can try the following fixes.

  • Check if the WIFI or internet connection is stable.
  • Find if there is no server down issues.
  • Clear Apple TV cache and data.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Funimation app.
  • Update the Funimation app with the latest version.
  • Restart your Apple TV.
  • Update Apple TV with the latest version.

Now you know how to stream Funimation on your Apple TV. If you have a Funimation subscription, you can stream the app on various devices. The number of devices that support Funimation depends on your plan. It ranges from two to five devices. So have a great time streaming your favorite animes with the Funimation app on your TV.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I get the Funimation app on Apple TV?

If you have Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, you can download the Funimation app on the device easily. However, if you own an older generation Apple TV, you might need to use the AirPlay feature to stream the app.

Is Funimation free on Apple TV?

You can get Funimation free on your TV for two whole weeks.

How much does Funimation cost?

After the trial, you need to choose any of the premium plans to continue streaming. The Funimation subscription costs are as follows.
1. Premium: $5.99/ mo or 59.99/yr
2. Premium Plus: $9.99/mo or $79.99/yr
3. Premium Plus Ultra: $9.99/mo $99.99/yr

Can I watch Anime on Apple TV?

Yes. You can stream anime on Apple TV using apps like Crunchyroll, VRV, etc.

How much data does Funimation use?

It is essential to have 5 Mbps for HD and 720p and at least 2Mbps for SD quality. With this speed, you will get a buffer-free streaming experience with the Funimation app.

Does Funimation have parental controls?

Yes. The parental control feature on Funimation can block mature contents. However, blocking all of the content is impossible.

Why is the Funimation Apple TV app not playing?

If there is no internet connectivity or if your subscription has expired, Funimation will not play on your Apple TV.