We are living in a world where there is no limit to entertainment. We have plenty of ways to get entertainment from different sources and devices. Two of such devices are Chromecast and Apple TV. Chromecast is a revolutionary device developed by Google. It is a device that helps you with casting apps between Android-based devices. At the same time, Apple TV is a dynamic media streaming box from Apple. It has a built-in App Store where you can find and access new apps. To understand these two devices in-depth, we need to compare them. So, this section is an unbiased comparison of these two devices in concern, Chromecast vs Apple TV.

Google Chromecast vs Apple TV

Chromecast and Apple TV are the best cord cutters that perform different functions. Let’s compare them to understand more about them.

What is Google Chromecast?

Chromecast is a media dongle from Google that was well-received by the masses. You can connect this device to your TV through the HDMI port. The most attractive feature of Chromecast is that it is affordable. Moreover, it is compact, connects without any issues, and is worth the cost.


By establishing the connection, you cast apps and games from other devices to your TV. In other words, Chromecast acts as a receiver for your TV. It eliminates the need for the remote control to operate your TV. Instead, you can use a phone or tablet to control the app that casts to your TV. In recent times, most apps come with a built-in cast icon.

If an app doesn’t have the cast icon, you can choose to screen-mirror your phone onto your TV with Chromecast. So, there is no limit to what you can cast to your TV with Chromecast. You can enjoy casting TV shows, movies, music, sports, podcasts, slideshows, and photos from your phone on your TV.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV

Apple TV, as you already know, is the media streaming device from Apple with a built-in App Store. So, there is no need to rely on another device to stream content. The App Store itself hosts popular apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and Hulu. You can download them and Sign-in to your accounts as needed.

Apple TV comes with an attractive and stylish Siri remote. You can use this remote to operate the device. In addition, it has a built-in Siri support that helps you place voice commands. The latest models come with rechargeable batteries while you need to replace the batteries on the older models. You shall check out the article on how to charge the Apple TV remote.

Chromecast vs Apple TV: Casting Apps

With a Chromecast device, you can cast apps from both Android and iOS-based devices to your TV. If the app itself has a built-in app, then a click on the cast icon is just more than enough. At the same time, you can screencast any apps using the built-in settings of the Android TV.

When it comes to an Apple TV, we have the AirPlay support. With an AirPlay-compatible app, you can screen mirror your iOS devices to Apple TV. In addition, you can also connect your Mac to Apple TV by screen mirroring. So, if you have only an Android tablet and smartphone, getting Apple TV might be disadvantageous.

Chromecast vs Apple TV: Available Apps

As we had discussed before, Apple TV has its own App Store built-in. You can find and access a variety of apps from it. In addition, you can use the AirPlay feature to screen mirror apps to your TV. However, Apple TV doesn’t support adding apps to it by sideloading them.

At the same time, Chromecast itself doesn’t have an App Store or apps. In other words, it doesn’t have a UI, and thus, you have to completely rely on other devices to get any apps.

Chromecast with Google TV vs Apple TV

Chromecast with Google TV is an upgraded version of Chromecast and Android TV. It is expected that this operating system will soon replace Android TV. Even though Chromecast lacks an app store, Chromecast with Google TV has a built-in Google Play Store. In addition, it supports the casting apps as it has built-in Chromecast support. Just like Apple TV’s Siri support, Chromecast with Google TV has Google Assistant support.

Chromecast with Google TV

In Conclusion

Chromecast and Apple TV are two devices with different goals. If you have an Android TV without an in-built Chromecast support, getting a Chromecast is the better option. If you have iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then you need to go for an Apple TV. Since every user’s streaming needs differ, we leave the choice of selecting between the Apple TV and Chromecast to the users themselves. Meanwhile, you shall check out our review on Apple TV vs Chromecast with Google TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get Apple TV or Chromecast?

It depends on the devices you have in your possession. If you have more Apple-based devices, then you need to get an Apple TV. If not, choosing a Chromecast might be better.

Is Apple TV 4K better than Chromecast?

Yes, Apple TV 4K brings you entertainment at its best to your homes. Also, Apple TV devices have better features than Chromecast.

Is Chromecast better than AirPlay?

If you have more Apple devices, then you can cast apps via AirPlay. At the same time, both iOS and Android devices can access the Chromecast feature.

How to Chromecast the Apple TV app?

You can Chromecast the Apple TV app from the Chrome browser or use the Google Home app from your smartphone.