Google Drive is one of the safest destinations to store and access your files on multiple devices. Google Drive was specially designed for Android devices, and you can also access it on iOS devices. However, the Google Drive application is not natively available in the Apple TV App Store for download. But that doesn’t stop you from accessing Google Drive on your device. Let’s discuss two ways to help you access your files from Google Drive on your TV.

Google Drive On Apple TV

If you have stored videos in Google Drive, you can access them on your Apple TV and enjoy streaming. You can categorize it under these 4 steps.

  • Create a Google Drive API key
  • Get the sharing link
  • Get the GoogleAPIS Streaming link
  • Access the videos from the drive using VLC Player

Step 1: Create a Google Drive API key

You need to start by creating a Google Drive API key. It will help you order and indicate that drive.

1. Open Google Cloud Console and sign in with your Google Account.

Google Drive Apple TV

2. Find the project icon in the Google Cloud Dashboard and select it.

3. Next, select the New Project option from the top right corner of your screen.

Select New Project

4. Type in the new project name and select the location to save the project.

5. Confirm creating the new project by clicking on the Create option.

6. Select the icon with three horizontal lines from the top left corner of your screen.

7. Next, select the APIs & Credentials option followed by the Library option.

8. From the API Library page, open Google Drive API.

Google Drive Apple TV

9. Turn on Google Drive API by selecting the Enable button.

10. Next, select the Manage option and the Credentials tab.

11. From the drop-down menu, choose Google Drive API.

12. Select the User Data option and then select Done.

13. Find the + Create Credentials option to produce the API key.

Step 2: Get The Sharing Link

Now, you need to get the sharing link as follows.

1. Start by selecting the media file you wish to stream in Google Drive.

2. Right-click on this particular file.

3. Select the Get Link option from the drop-down menu.

Select Get Link

4. Next, select the Anyone with a Link option.

5. Click the Copy Link button to copy the link for the video.

Select Copy Link

6. Next page, this link to copy the file ID.

7. Finally, save it.

Step 3: Get the GoogleAPIS Streaming Link

1. Open Notepad and enter the Google API URL as https:// drive/v3/ files/FFileID?alt=media&key=APIKey.

2. In the File ID field, enter the copied File ID and the new API key in the respective field.

3. Next, copy the Google API link.

Google Drive Apple TV

Step 4: Access the Google Drive on Apple TV Using VLC Player

Finally, you can play the videos from your Google Drive on the VLC Media Player.

1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV and search for the VLC app.

2. Install the app on the device and then open it.

3. Select the Network Stream option and enter the Google Drive API URL in the respective field.

Select Network Stream

4. Finally, you can play the video from Google Drive on your device.

Alternative Method: Access Google Drive on Apple TV using Infuse 7

Another working method to access Google drive is by using Infuse 7.

1. Start by installing the Infuse 7 app on your iOS device.

2. Open the app and select the Settings option.

3. Next, select the Add Files option.

Google Drive Apple TV

4. Select the Cloud Services section and then choose Google Drive.

Google Drive Apple TV

5. Log in to Drive using your Google Account.

6. You can add folders to your favorites list by selecting the tab icon next to them.

Google Drive Apple TV

7. Open the App Store on Apple TV and install the Infuse 7 app.

8. Open the app and sign in to your Google Account.

9. This will sync the Google account from your phone to your Apple TV, and you can access the files.

With that, you have two different methods to access your favorite files from Google Drive on your Apple TV. Infuse 7 is more straightforward than the first method in the above section. Also, find out how to use iCloud and Dropbox on Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Google Drive on Apple TV?

Even though there is no official support for Google Drive on the device, you can access it using VLC Media Player.

Does Apple have Google Drive app?

You can access the Google Drive app on iOS devices.

Can you AirPlay from Google Drive?

Yes, you can access Google Slides on your TV with the help of AirPlay.

How do I install Google Drive?

You can’t install Google Drive on your Apple TV since no official support is available.

How do I download Google drive to my smart TV?

You can install Google Drive on an Android TV with its APK file. However, you can’t download it on your Apple TV.