Google Photos is one of the best photo viewer apps you can use regardless of the devices you own. Its universally appealing UI and the standard support from Google make the app very desirable to store, organize and view your offline photos. Even though the app was initially designed for Android devices, Google has released a version for iOS devices and has gained enough attraction among the Apple community. You can make slideshows, create customized albums, and much more. As of now, Google has yet to release a standalone Google Photos for Apple TV. But fear not, in this article, we will be discussing how to use Google Photos on Apple TV. With the updated version of Google Photos 2.14 for the iOS device, you will get the AirPlay feature. With this, you can AirPlay Google Photos on Apple TV.

How to AirPlay Google Photos on Apple TV

1. Install the Google Play Movies app from the App Store on your iOS device.

2. Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.

3. Then, open the Google Play Movies app on your iOS device and Sign in to your Google account.

Google Photos in the App Store for iOS

4. Further, tap on the Share icon and choose the AirDrop icon on the app.

5. From the list of available devices, select your Apple TV device.

6. Now, play the slideshow of your photos. It will appear on your Apple TV.

Google Photos on Apple TV using Screen mirroring

If the AirPlay icon is not available on the app, you can use the screen mirroring function on your iOS device to mirror your screen to your Apple TV.

1. Open the Control Centre and tap on the Screen Mirroring option.

Dcrren mirroring option to play Google Photos on Apple TV

2.  From the list of available devices, select your Apple TV device.

3.  Now, open the Google Photos apps and play the slideshow.

4. Once the connection is established, launch the Photos app on your iOS device and play your slide shows on your Apple TV.

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Additional Features

Even though there is no standalone app for Apple TV, there are a few features that you can use with your Apple TV. You can choose a photo from the Google Photo app and set that as your Apple TV’s screensaver.

1. AirPlay Google Photos your iOS device.

2. Choose the photo that you want to set as a screensaver from your iOS device.

3. Go to Options and choose the Set as Screensaver option.

4. The confirmation prompt will show up. Click the Confirm button.

To Conclude

I hope this article was efficient in guiding you through using Google Photos on your Apple TV. Though there is no standalone application available for Apple TV, you can still use the Airplay feature. For more cool articles on your Apple TV devices, visit our blog.