Whatever be the streaming device you are on, the ads that interrupt you aren’t pleasing. The same is the case with your Apple TV. There are a lot of streaming apps available on Apple TV, both free apps and ones with a subscription. These apps include ad-free and ad-based subscriptions. So, depending on the app on your device or your subscription, your streaming is interrupted by ads. On other devices, including smartphones and PCs, we have options to get ad blockers. But is it possible to block ads on an Apple TV? Let’s discuss the same in this session in depth.

How to Block Ads on Apple TV?

We can possibly block the ads on an Apple TV without much difficulty. Apple TV displays a few interest-based apps on the device. Follow these steps to block these ads from Apple on your TV.

1. Firstly, turn on your Apple TV.

2. Next, launch the Settings menu and select General

block ads on Apple TV

3. On the General menu, click on Privacy.

4) Navigate to the Advertising section and then turn on the Limit Ad Tracking option.

block ads on Apple TV

Third-party app to block ads

Most apps on Apple TV give you an ad-free experience with their different subscription plans. So, you can pay that extra fee to go ad-free on the app. However, it will cost you a huge amount to remove the apps from all the apps you have. Therefore, we need an economical option to cut these ads. So, we have an app called Adblock TV in the App Store of the Apple TV. As the name suggests, it removes all the ads on your Apple TV.

The Adblock TV app is a subscription-based streaming app. It only costs you $3.99 per month to block ads using Adblocker TV. Also, this is way lesser than getting an ad-free subscription on other apps. Using such a third-party app will be a more economical and effective option to remove the annoying ads on Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get rid of ads on Apple TV?

There are two methods to help you remove ads on an Apple TV. The first method makes use of the in-built settings to block the interest-based apps. At the same time, the second method employs a third-party app called Adblock TV to remove ads.

2. How do you block ads on TV?

When it comes to an Android TV, we have a lot of different options to remove ads. However, on Apple TV, we have only two methods, one using the settings and the second using a third-party app.