The Apple TV device is one of the most sophisticated media streaming devices in the market right now. With a simple user interface for any newbie, and advanced users can use alike, Apple TV is very comfortable streaming your favorite content. If you buy your Apple TV in the United States, Apple TV will come with the English language as its default. If you want to change the language to something more familiar for yourself or a loved one, you can do it with ease on Apple TV. Apple TV developers have already implemented more than 30+ languages to make it more convenient for people around the globe. The most amazing thing about changing the language on Apple TV is that it automatically applies to the interface, closed captions, subtitles, and voiceover. In this article, we will address How to Change Language on Apple TV

How to Change Language On Apple TV?

Quick Tip: From the Home screen, select Settings -> General -> Language and Region -> Choose the desired language.

1. Initially, press the Home button on your Apple TV remote to return to the home screen.

Menu Button

2. From the Home screen, navigate to and select the Settings app.

2. In the Settings menu, click on the General option.

Gereral Settings

3. Scroll down to the Language and Region section and click on Apple TV Language.

Apple Tv language option to Change Language on Apple TV

4 . The Apple TV screen will show all the available languages for you to choose from. Pick the language you want to change your device to.

Select language to Change Language on Apple TV

Once you choose the language, Apple will automatically change the language for everything on the device.

Change your Apple TV language back to English.

If you decide to change your language to English for whatever reason, you have to follow the same procedure and pick the English option on the final language list. This will revert the Apple TV language to English.

Note: Siri might not support some regional languages. So before changing the language, verify whether Siri supports the language or not.

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That’s how to change the language on Apple TV. You can repeat the procedure if you want to change to a different language. If you have any more doubt on the topic, you can visit the Apple Support site. For more excellent articles on your Apple TV device, visit our blog.


1. Why can’t I change the language on Apple TV?

Changing the language on your TV is quite easy. If you are not able to change it, then restart your device and try once again.

2. How do I change my TV from Spanish to English?

It is similar to changing it from English to Spanish. If you don’t understand the language, then try a translator to find the navigation to change the language. Go to Settings -> General -> Language and Region -> Change Langauge to English.