Apple TV gives you a re-imagined experience of Television as it lets you download apps to your Apple TV and stream them. The streaming media player supports 4K picture quality and HDR quality. The recent release of Apple TV 4K is one of the most desirable media players available. Also, it comes with a very attractive Siri remote. The Apple TV remotes are very useful in performing all the functions on Apple TV. It ranges from turning on Apple TV to adding apps to Apple TV. The new Siri remote makes the tasks much simpler with the voice commands. Apple remote needs to be charged from time to time if you want to control the Apple TV. The latest 4th generation or later Apple TV will alert the user when the Siri remote charge gets low. However, the remote you have might differ according to the version of the Apple TV device you own. In this section, we shall discuss the ways to charge the Apple TV remote.

How to Charge an Apple TV Remote

The method to charge your battery depends on the type of Apple TV you own. It is because you get different versions of Apple TV remote with different generations. So let’s learn more about the same.

Siri Remote

The Apple TV Siri remote has a battery that can be charged. However, you don’t need to charge it frequently as the battery lasts for months. Once the Apple TV remote falls behind 20% of charge, you get a notification on your TV. Upon receiving the alert, you shall charge your Siri remote with the Lightning USB power cord of the Apple TV.

1. Locate the charging port on the bottom of the remote.

Charge Apple TV remote

2. Connect the Lightning cable to this port.

Charge Apple TV remote

3. Further, connect the other end to a wall adapter or the USB port of your PC or Mac.

The method of Apple TV remote charging is the same for both the first and second generation of Siri remotes. Make sure that you completely charge the remote once you put it to charge. It might take around two or three hours for the remote to charge completely.

Apple TV White and Aluminum Remote

The older versions of Apple TV come with a different White and Aluminum remote. These remotes have physical batteries that you can’t charge. Each remote has a CR 2032 battery that you can buy from Apple retailers or online. Once your battery is out of charge, you can replace them. To replace the battery, follow these simple steps.

1. Locate a slot on the backside of the remote that looks like the following image.

2. Using a coin, open the slot on the backside of the remote.

3. Take out the battery available inside of your remote.

4. Insert the new battery in the remote with the positive side facing towards you.

How Do I Know if my Sir Remote Is Charging?

When you put your remote to charge, you might find any physical indication of how much it has charged. Instead, you only get a notification on the screen telling you that you have connected the remote to power. If you are not sure whether your Apple TV remote is charging properly, you can make a quick check.

To know about the status of the charging, go to the Apple TV Home Screen > System > Remote and Devices > Remote > Battery Level, and the battery level will be available next to it.

Here, you can see the status of charging, including the battery percentage. For example, if the remote is charging, you can see a lightning bolt on the icon near the remote. Further, you can see the battery charge level inside the battery icon, which shows your battery’s exact level of charge.

Now you know how to charge your Apple TV remote. It is to note that the Apple TV Siri remote can be charged. However, its battery can’t be replaced or removed. So, if your remote’s battery has run out of charge, it is better to opt for Apple TV remote replacement. At the same time, the older versions of Apple TV remotes have a battery that can be recharged. Still, you can replace them if you find it no longer holding charge longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Apple TV remote light up when charging?

No, there will be no indication that the remote is charging when you put it to charge. However, you can find it if you go to System > Remote and Devices > Remote.

How long to charge Apple TV remote?

The remote takes around 2 or 3 hours to charge completely.

Can I charge my Apple TV remote with my iPhone charger?

Yes, you can charge your Apple TV Siri remote with the Thunderstorm USB cable and the iPhone charger. However, older Apple TV remotes can’t be charged.

How to change battery in Apple TV Remote?

You need to replace the older batteries from the battery door and use a new pair of batteries.

Can you charge Apple TV remote wirelessly?

Yes. You can charge the TV remote wirelessly with a wireless charger. However, it doesn’t work on the old Apple TV remote.

How to charge Apple TV Remote 3rd gen?

Use a coin to open the battery compartment of the Apple Remote. Remove the old battery and put on the new pair of batteries on the Apple TV Remote.

How often to charge Apple TV Remote?

You need to charge it a few times in a year unless you get an alert on your TV.

Why is Apple TV Remote not charging?

It may be because of the empty battery level or if the lightning USB cable is damaged.