If you are a fan of Apple Arcade games, this section is a piece of good news for you. Playing games with an Apple TV remote might have been really hard for you. However, if you have a PS5 DualSense Controller with you, this issue can be eliminated. This controller from PlayStation will take the gaming experience to a higher level than before. With the launch of PlayStation 5 in late 2020, PlayStation introduced the DualSense controller that comes within the box. This was an upgraded version of the DualShock controller than the older PS versions. The answer to the question of how to connect the PS5 DualSense Controller to an Apple TV is explained here.

How to connect PS5 DualSense Controller to Apple TV

However, once you use the DualSense Controller on an Apple TV, it feels like a DualShock 4 controller. It is expected that Apple will solve this issue sooner so that the users might not have to feel the inconvenience. Still, using the DualSense Controller on Apple TV is too comfortable to complain about.

Will PS5 Controller works on Apple TV

Both Apple TV and PS5 are two of the most impressive devices available in the market today. Apple TV lets you play games on it from Apple Arcade and also using SteamLink. Therefore, you can use a PS5 DualSense Controller on Apple TV to play these games. When you connect a PS5 controller to your TV, it will be easier to play games in comparison to playing games with your Apple TV remote. In addition, you can use the D-Pad and the thumbsticks to navigate through the interface. Also, you can use the X button instead of the OK button.

How to Connect PS5 DualSense Controller to Apple TV

Connecting the DualSense Controller via Bluetooth is simpler than you think. Make sure that your Apple TV runs in the latest tvOS before you connect the DualSense controller to the Apple TV. If not, update the Apple TV firmware to its latest version.

1. Press and hold the Create button and the PlayStation logo button at the same time on your DualSense controller. This will take your controller to pairing mode.

How to connect PS5 DualSense Controller to Apple TV

2. Make sure that the device is in pairing mode as the LED light around the controller’s trackpad blinks blue.

3. Next, launch the Apple TV Settings app.

Apple TV Settings

4. From the menu, select Remote and Devices.

Remotes and Devices

5. On the Other Devices field, select Bluetooth.


6. With that, your Apple TV will search for nearby Bluetooth devices to connect to.

Tip: You can also connect Bluetooth headphones to your Apple TV.

7. Pick your DualSense Wireless Controller under the Other Devices field.

How to connect PS5 DualSense Controller to Apple TV

8. Once done, select the DualSense Wireless Controller and customize it.

Cusomize PS5 DualSense Controller

Now, you can enjoy the arcade games on your device comfortably with the PS5 DualSense Controller. At the same time, you can control four Bluetooth controllers on your Apple TV. All of them don’t necessarily have to be PS5 DualSense Controllers. You can also connect Xbox controllers and wireless keyboards to your device.

Start to play games like Minecraft on Apple TV by connecting the PS5 DualSense Controller to Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will PS5 Controller work on Apple TV?

Yes, you can connect your PS5 Controller to your device and play games using it.

What controllers can you pair with Apple TV?

You can connect controllers like PS5 DualSense, Xbox Wireless Controller, PS4 DualShock4, and PXN MFi Controller.

How to adjust the audio settings on a DualSense wireless controller?

You can adjust the audio settings on your DualSense wireless controller from Control Center > Sound > Choose any Setting.

Can you use the PlayStation controller on Apple TV?

You can use your PlayStation Controller on your TV to play games from Apple Arcade and using SteamLink.

Can you connect PS5 controller to Mac?

You can connect your PS5 DualSense controller to your Mac to play games.

Does PS5 controller have Bluetooth?

If your computer has the Bluetooth feature, you can connect your PS5 controller to it.

How long does a PS5 controller battery last?

The battery charge on your PS5 controller will last up to twelve hours.

Can I use PS5 controller while charging?

Yes, you can use your PS5 controller when it is charging.