The Apple TV device comes is one of the most sophisticated media streaming devices in the market right now. Though the Apple TV comes with its own Siri remote control, you can also use your iPhone to control the Apple TV. If you are using an iPhone with iOS 13 or above the remote control function comes built-in within the device. This feature can come in handy in quite a few scenarios. If your Apple TV remote is missing or if you don’t want to bother to find it because your iPhone is always by you. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know on How to Control Apple TV with iPhone.

When you are connecting your iPhone to your Apple TV for the first time you will have to confirm a four-digit code displayed on the TV. You can find the Apple TV Remote function in the Control Center, if it’s not there, you can always add the app from the Settings option on your iPhone.

Apple TV Remote on an iPhone (Built-in)

1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the Control Center option.

3. Make sure if Apple TV Remote is in the Included Controls section of the page. Or else you can scroll through the options and add it by tapping on the + button right next to it.

Control Apple TV with iPhone SETTINGS

3. Next, open the Control Center on your iPhone.

4. Tap the Apple TV Remote button in the Control Center

Control Apple TV with iPhone Control Center

5. Select your Apple TV device from the list of available devices, and enter the 4 digit code displayed on your TV screen on the iPhone.

6. That’s it once the device is paired the remote control app pops up on your iPhone. You can use this function to control the navigation on your Apple TV device.

Control Apple TV with iPhone Remote Control app

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To conclude

I hope this quick guide was effective in fulfilling its purpose. You can use this feature to control your Apple TV when your Siri remote is not available or you simply choose so. For cool articles on your Apple devices, you can visit our blog.