All the Apple products are known for their service and built quality, giving us the experience of what a premium feels like. However, Apple TV has been facing issues frequently; one of the common issues would be Apple TV keeps restarting on its own. Many have reported this issue when they attempt to run an application like Netflix or after the recent Apple TV firmware update. So, it is always good to know the reason and a basic troubleshooting process to fix the issue.

Method to Fix the Apple TV Restarting Issue

There are multiple steps involved in fixing the Apple TV issue. So, we can always try it all in order and see which method works the best for us.

Step 1: Disconnect and Re-plug Device for Apple TV Restarting Issue

When you experience an issue with the Apple TV, the first troubleshooting step is to Unplug the device from the power supply. Then, let the device discharge completely for a few seconds. By doing this, the device can fix some temporary bugs internally. Now, replug it and check if the issue is resolved.

Step 2: Check Software Update and Fix Apple TV Restarting Issue

Though this issue is common and has been reported by many, any Apple device would not function normally when outdated. So, for a better experience, we will have to check and update the Apple TV device to the latest version.

[1]. Click on the Settings option, and go to the System tab.

System tab under settings option

[2]. Locate the Software Updates tab, and proceed further by clicking on the Download and Install option.

Software update option for Apple TV keeps restarting issue

[3]. Let the system update, and the device restarts automatically after the update. Now, check if the issue is fixed.

Step 3: Force Restart Using Apple TV Remote

[1]. Press and hold the Menu option on the Apple TV remote.

Menu option on the Apple TV remote

[2]. Parallelly, press the TV’s power button simultaneously.

[3]. Do this until you see the status light’s flashing indication on the Apple TV.

[4]. Now, release the hold of both the buttons to perform the restart. Finally, check if the Apple TV device works fine.

Step 4: Disable the Background App Refresh on Apple TV

The Background App Refresh is very familiar among iOS users; they update the apps even if it is closed. Unfortunately, they can also interfere with the Apple TV’s performance in the background.

[1]. Navigate to the Settings option on the Apple TV device.

[2]. Click on the General option, and locate the Background App Refresh option from the list.

[3]. Now, we have the option to disable it completely or choose some of the applications specific. But, to fix the Apple TV restarting issue, we recommend disabling all the applications.

[4]. Finally, restart the Apple TV device and check if the issue is fixed.

Step 5: Check for Stable Network Connection to Fix Apple TV Restarting Issue

Having stable internet connectivity is very important for Apple TV to function smoothly. So, there are chances that a poor network can be the reason for the device restarting issue. If the internet signal weakens, we can try switching the device from Wi-Fi to a LAN connection. Then, restart the router once, check if the issue is fixed, and check the signal strength using a third-party application to test the internet speed. If the problem continues, try contacting the Internet Service Provider to fix this issue.

Speed test app

Step 6: Reset Apple TV to Fix Restarting Issue

If none of the above methods helps, we might have to try hard resetting the Apple TV device to its default factory settings. By doing so, the device will be able to eliminate all the internal bugs that affect the device from functioning normally. But, we should be aware that, during this process, the device clears all the data and cannot be retrieved. So, make sure to take a backup of all the necessary information.

[1]. Locate the Settings option on the Apple TV.

[2]. Scroll down to the Reset option using the Apple Remote.

Reset option on Apple TV for keeps restarting issue

[3]. By doing so, the device will reset all the settings and data. Now, check if the device restarting issue is solved.

Step 7: Restore Apple TV Using iTunes to Fix Apple TV Restarting Issue

There are chances for data loss while restoring the Apple TV. So, making a backup of data is advisable before this process.

[1]. Unplug all the connections from the Apple TV, including the power cord and the HDMI cable.

[2]. Open the iTunes app, and connect the PC and the Apple TV(4th Gen) using the USB-C cable or Micro-USB cable for Apple TV(2nd or 3rd Gen).

[3]. Connect the power cord for Apple TV(3rd and 4th Gen). But, if you are using Apple TV(2nd Gen), leave it unplugged.

[4]. In the iTunes app, click on the Apple TV icon in the window’s top-right corner.

[5]. Finally, click on the Restore Apple TV option. And make sure the device is connected till the end of the process.

Restore Apple TV option

[6]. Unplug the cable from the PC and connect it to the TV and follow the on-screen instruction. And also, check if the issue is resolved.

However, even after trying all the possible methods and still being unable to fix the problem, then we should contact the nearby Apple store as they would be able to help us better in this situation. Note the device’s serial number while taking it for the service.


Why Apple TV keeps disconnecting?

If you experience the issue when Apple TV automatically disconnects from the internet, it can be due to an issue with the interface.

Why Apple TV keeps rebooting while using Netflix?

It can be due to outdated firmware, so make sure the Apple TV and the Netflix application are up-to-date for a better experience. By doing so, we will be able to fix the Apple TV restarting issue while accessing the Netflix app.