Apple TV is a specially designed media streaming device that brings the best streaming quality and the best features. It comes with a remote controller, and you will find the minimal buttons on it with a Touch Surface. One of the most basic features of any media streaming device is the mute function. Earlier Apple TV versions have all basic features except for the mute function. However, with the new Siri remote, this necessity has been met with the new mute button. The following section will help you by providing instructions on how to mute/unmute Apple TV.

How to Mute Apple TV?

You can mute the tvOS screen easily if you have the new Siri remote.

1. While playing any content on the TV, take the remote in your hand if you feel like putting the device on mute.

2. Press the Mute button on the remote and cut the audio on the device.


How to Unmute Apple TV?

1. If your TV is on mute, press the same Mute button again.


2. With that, your Apple TV audio starts playing.

How to Mute Older Versions of Apple TV?

Older models of tvOS don’t have a separate mute/unmute button on their remote. However, you can put your device on mute by reducing the device volume to zero. In the same way, you can unmute the device by increasing the volume from zero to any level you like. For this, you can use the Volume up and Volume down buttons.

How to Mute Unmute Apple TV

Note: The best way to quickly mute the older version of Apple TV is to pause the movie or video playing. After pausing the TV, you can bring the volume down to zero.

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Apple TV Mute Button Not Working: How to Fix

Try these troubleshooting tips if the mute/unmute button on your Siri remote doesn’t work.

1. Try coming closer to your Apple TV if the buttons on your remote aren’t working. Once you are closer to the device, the buttons will work better. If there are any hindrances between your Apple TV and the remote, you need to clear it so that the device works fine.

2. If your tvOS remote has a low charge, the mute button may not function. So, it is better to charge it so that it works better.

3. Un-Pair your Apple TV remote and then Re-Pair the remote to fix up the issue. To Un-Pair the Apple TV remote, press and hold the Left button and Menu button for six seconds.

4. Restart Apple TV by unplugging the power adapter of Apple TV for 10 seconds. Next, plug the device back into the power socket and check if the mute button works.


5. If none of these troubleshooting tips work, contact Apple Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mute button on Apple TV?

The new Siri remote comes with a Mute button so that you can put the device to mute. However, the older versions of Apple TV don’t have a mute/unmute button on their remotes.

How do I mute Apple TV?

To mute the Apple TV, you can use the Mute button on its Siri button. On an older version of Apple TV, try using the volume down button to turn the volume to zero.

Why does Apple TV keep muting?

If your Apple TV keeps on muting on its own, try restarting the device. If there is a pending software update, try updating the same. It is also advised to Reset the Apple TV remote if none of the above tips have helped you.