Whatever be the device you have, remotes make it much easier to use the device. The same is the case with an Apple TV and its remote. Apple TV models come with remotes that have a unique design and a lot of features. For example, the latest version of Apple TV, Apple TV 4K, comes with a Siri remote, and it supports Siri. Apple TV HD has a similar design, except for a white ring around the Menu button. At the same time, the second and third generations of Apple TV have a silver remote while the first-generation Apple TV has a white remote. Whatever be your Apple TV model, this section will help you reset the Apple TV remote.

Reset Apple TV remote

How to Reset an Apple TV Remote Controller

Sometimes, you might feel that you need to reset your remote. It might be a part of the troubleshooting you need on your device to fix issues with it. However, the method by which you can reset your remote depends on the version of your device. The section will be useful for you to reset the remote on different generations of the device.

Method 1: How to Reset the Apple TV Remote with the device

We can easily reset the Apple TV remote with the device by unplugging it. This should be the simplest method and works on all models of Apple TV. Follow these instructions carefully and reset the remote.

1. Firstly, unplug your Apple TV device from the power source and your TV.

2. Wait for at least six seconds before doing anything.

3. Further, plug in your Apple TV device to both your TV and the power source.

4. Wait for the home screen to appear.

5. The above steps will help you reset the remote.

Method 2: Reset an Apple TV 4K Remote Manually

Reset Apple TV remote

You can manually reset your Siri remote in the method discussed below easily.

1. Firstly, press and hold the Menu button and the Volume Up button on your Siri remote.

2. Soon, a command appears on your screen, telling you that it is pairing the Apple TV remote to Apple TV.

3. Finally, this will reset your Siri remote.

4. Bring your Siri Remote closer to your Apple TV. You can put it on top of the Apple TV.

5. Within a few minutes, the pop-up on the screen disappears.

6. As the pop-up closes, you can use the remote again.

7. The remote is reset with this.

Method 3: On an Older Apple TV Remote

If you have an older generation device, then this is how you should reset the remote.

1. Firstly, press and hold the Menu and Left button on your remote.

2. Within about six seconds or so, an icon appears on your screen.

3. Release your hold from the buttons as you see the icon.

4. As the image appears, press and hold the Menu and Right buttons on your remote.

5. Wait till you see the remote with overlapping ovals on the screen.

6. The logo represents a link with your Apple TV Remote.

7. Try using your remote after this reset.

These are the different ways in which you can reset your remote controller. When resettings don’t resolve the issue, you shall contact Apple Support for help. In addition to the remote, you shall factory reset your Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reset the Apple TV remote?

You can reset your remote in different ways. The method to adopt depends on your model of Apple TV. The method is explained in detail in the above section.

How to reset Apple TV remote silver?

The aluminum or silver remote can be reset by pressing the Menu and Left buttons followed by Menu and Right buttons.

How to reset Apple TV remote 4th gen?

You can unplug the TV or press the Menu and Volume Up buttons to reset the Apple TV 4k or 4th gen remote controller.

How do I fix the Apple TV remote not working?

There are a lot of troubleshooting tips for an unresponsive TV remote. One among them is resetting the TV remote. If the remote has any physical damage, you shall proceed with the Apple TV remote replacement option.

When can I reset the Apple TV remote?

You can reset your remote if your
1. Apple TV is not working
2. Apple TV 4k remote is not working
3. Remote connection is lost on Apple TV
4. Apple TV keeps turning off, etc.