Dozing off in front of an Apple TV can be very relaxing, but why waste the electricity unnecessarily when you can set it to turn off automatically. Apple TV allows you to set a specific time when the TV automatically turns off. By using the sleep timer on Apple TV, you can turn off your Apple TV after a predefined time period has passed and you can even set how long Apple TV has to wait before automatically going to sleep. Here’s how to configure and use the sleep timer on Apple TV.

How to Set Sleep Timer on Apple TV

If the auto power feature is enabled on your Apple TV, you can’t have access to the sleep timer. So make sure you’ve disabled the auto power feature on your Apple TV and then follow the below steps to set the sleep timer,

1. After setting up your Apple TV, launch the Settings app.

how to set sleeping timer on apple tv

2. Choose General under the Settings menu.

how to set sleeping timer on apple tv

3. Go to the Sleep After menu.

4. Now, you can see different timing under sleep after options like “Never,” “15 minutes,” “30 minutes,” “one hour,” “five hours,” or “10 hours.” Use the arrow button on your Apple TV remote to select an option. It will cause the Apple TV to turn off automatically after the period of time that you’ve set.

Choose Never

How to Put Apple TV to Sleep Manually

1. Head to the Settings app on your Apple TV.

2. Choose the Sleep Now option.

Select Sleep Now - how to set sleeping timer on apple tv

3. Now, your Apple TV will get automatically turned off.

How to Put Apple TV to Sleep using Siri Remote

1. To access the sleep timer on tvOS, long-press the Home button on your Siri Remote. It will bring up the main menu to select Sleep mode on your Apple TV.

2. Choose Sleep option appears on your Apple TV screen.

Select Sleep

3. That’s it, once you select the Sleep option on your Apple TV using your Siri remote, your Apple TV will automatically turn off

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How to Turn Off Apple TV Sleep Timer While Streaming

If you don’t want your Apple TV to sleep while streaming, you shall turn off the sleep timer.

1. Select the Apple app on your tvOS.

2. Choose General.

3. Select Sleept after.

4. Change the Delay before sleep from One hour to Never.

These are all the possible ways to turn off your tvOS by using the sleep timer feature. You can disable the sleep timer option whenever you want. Hope this article helped you know how to turn on the sleep timer on Apple TV in detail. If you face any issue regarding this, you can contact the Apple TV help center @ 1-800-APLCARE.


Why does Apple TV have a sleeping timer?

The Sleep Timer feature is basically for the people who are habitual of watching TV before they sleep. It will automatically turn off their Apple TV in case they forget to turn it off before they fall asleep.

Do all Apple TV models have a sleeping timer?

Almost all the Apple TV models come with a sleeping timer feature.

How do I get my Apple TV out of sleeping mode?

To wake up your Apple TV from sleeping mode, press any button on your Apple TV remote. A small light on the front of the Apple TV should slightly grow, and whatever was visible lastly should reappear on your Apple TV screen.