Taking a screenshot is a very common function on smartphones and PC. You might come across situations when you desperately need to take screenshots on your Apple TV. It might be because you want to show your Apple TV screen to your friend or get technical support. However, taking a screenshot on your Apple TV isn’t easy as doing it from iPhone. To take a screen on Apple TV, you require a Mac. If you have tvOS 11 and higher on your Apple TV 4k and macOS High Sierra and later on the Mac, you can easily take a screenshot. At the same time, we use Xcode to take a screenshot on Apple TV with a version before tvOS 11 and a Mac before macOS High Sierra.

How to take a Screenshot on Apple TV

How to Take a Screenshot on Apple TV 4K (4th Gen) using QuickTime Player

The method applies to Apple TV with tvOS 11 and higher and a Mac after macOS High Sierra. Before getting started, ensure that your Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same stable Wi-Fi connection.

QuickTime Player

1. On your Mac, launch QuickTime Player after installing the same.

2. Making use of a USB-C cable, connect both your Apple TV and Mac.

3. On the QuickTime player screen, go to the File menu and clock on the New Movie Recording option.

How to take a Screenshot on Apple TV

4. From near the record button, click on the down arrow icon.

5. On the available options on your screen, choose Apple TV on Camera and Microphone.

QuickTime Player

6. With that, you get the Apple TV streaming on your Mac screen.

7. Next, press Command+Shift+4 and then hit the Space bar.

8. You can see that cursor turns into a camera icon.

9. Move the cursor on the window till the title bar and the recording interface disappears.

10. To take a screenshot, click the trackpad or mouse. 

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How to Screenshot on Apple TV using Xcode

This method works on older versions of Apple TV and Mac. Xcode is an app development software from Apple with which you can create software for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.


1. Start by installing Xcode on your Mac.

2. Connect the Apple TV to your television and to the Mac with a USB Type-C cable.

3. Next, launch Xcode on your Mac and click on the Windows menu on your screen.

4. Next, select the Devices option and select Apple TV from the list on your screen.

5. Following that, click on the Take Screenshot option.

6. This saves a screenshot on your Mac in the desktop folder.

These are the two easy methods to help you take a screenshot on your Apple TV, which you consider difficult. However, taking a screenshot on your Apple TV might not be as easy as you think it would be. It is only possible with the help of Mac support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record on Apple TV?

No. You cannot record shows or movies on your Apple TV directly.

Can I screenshot Apple TV?

Yes. But you require Mac to capture your Apple TV screen.

Why can’t I take a screenshot on Apple TV?

We are unable to find the exact reason for can’t take screenshots on Apple TV even after using Xcode and Mac. However, you can restart your Apple TV to check if the issue resolves.