If you are new to your device, you might be confused about turning off the Apple TV as the device has no physical button. You can easily turn off the device with the remote that comes with it. However, the method to turn off the device solely depends on the type of remote you have. Apple TV 4K has an advanced Siri remote that lets you control the device over voice. Apart from this, you can turn the device off with a few Settings alterations. Furthermore, you can enable settings that will turn off the device automatically if it is left inactive. The feature will save time and effort that takes each time you turn it off manually. In this section, we will deal with the three ways in which one can turn off an Apple TV easily.

turn off Apple TV

How to Turn Off a Fourth-Generation Apple TV

You can use the Siri remote that comes with the fourth-generation Apple TV to turn off the device. Here is a simplified guide, making the work easier for you.

1. Long press the Home button of the Apple TV remote for three seconds continuously.

turn off Apple TV

2. Now, the Control Center menu appears on the screen on the right side.

Note: If the Control Center menu doesn’t show up, press the home button and release it. Further, long-press the Home button for three continuous seconds.

3. From the Control Center menu, choose the Sleep option.

turn off Apple TV

4. Now, the device turns off immediately.

How to Turn Off Apple TV 3rd Gen

If you own a third-generation Apple TV, you can turn it off using the remote. Follow these simple steps to get the work done.

1. Long press the Play/Pause button on your remote for five seconds.

2. This will turn your TV on Sleep.

How to Power Off Your Apple TV with Settings

Apart from pressing the Home button, we can turn off the TV with Settings in it. To turn off your device from Settings, follow these instructions.

1. Launch the home screen on your device.

2. Select the Settings app from the home screen.

3. Further, choose the Sleep Now option from the Settings menu.

4. Depending on the Settings on your TV, it will turn it off.

How to Power Off Apple TV without Turning Off the TV

If you want to have your TV turned on while the other device is turned off, you need to modify a few settings. Do this settings alteration on your Apple TV before turning it off.

1. Launch the Settings app on your device.

2. Further, choose the Remotes & Devices option on the menu.

3. From the menu, choose Turn on your TV with remote.

4. Finally, click on the Off option.

How to Power Off Apple TV Automatically

You don’t always need to turn off the device manually. There are in-built settings that will turn off the device after a fixed period when the device is left inactive. If you want to enable this setting, follow these steps.

1. Initially, launch the Settings app on your home screen.

2. Choose the General option on the menu.

3. Next, choose the Sleep After option on the menu.

4. You can see options like Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, and 10 hours on the menu.

5. Choose the maximum time you want the device to be inactive before turning it off.

How to Turn Off Apple TV without Remote [Using iPhone/iPad]

Turning off the device is easy if you have Apple TV Remote app on your iPhone or iPad. When the remote fails to work even after you Reset Apple TV Remote, you shall try this method. It also works when the remote is damaged, or you lost it. It requires your iOS device to be paired with the Apple TV.

1. Launch the Apple TV Remote app on your iOS device.

2. Press and hold the Home button icon.

3. When you get the Sleep Now screen, press the Sleep option.

With any of these different ways, you can turn off your device. An automatic turning off will ensure your device, each time it remains inactive for a while. If you find any difficulty in turning off the device, you shall contact Apple TV Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off Apple TV 4K?

To turn off your device, press and hold the Home button for five seconds. From the menu that pops up, select Sleep. This will turn off your device immediately.

How to turn off Apple TV from Settings?

You can turn off the device with a few Setting alterations. Initially, launch the Settings app on your device. Scroll down the menu and select the Sleep Now option.

Can you turn off Apple TV with the Remote app?

Yes. As you can use your iPhone as an Apple TV remote, turning off the Apple TV is possible, provided the Remote app is installed on the paired iOS device.

How to turn off Apple TV subtitles?

There are different ways in which you can turn off the subtitles on the TV. For a detailed guide, click on the link to turn off Apple TV subtitles.