We have had a few Apple TV models with more and more updated features throughout these years. The latest 4th generation models, include a very attractive Siri remote and support 4K streams. You can also add a variety of apps and games from the App Store of Apple TVs. It includes apps like Netflix, Peacock TV, Apple TV+, Hulu, and YouTube TV. No matter which Apple TV you own, it is vital to use the latest version for the effective functioning of the app on the TV. Further, you can manage the apps on the device. Updating the app on the Apple TV periodically will help resolve any issues or bugs. Further, you may get access to the latest features with the update. If you want to know how to update apps on Apple TV, you shall check out this guide.

How to Update Apps on Apple TV?

Updating the apps on the Apple TV can be done in more than one way. Some Settings will help you turn on Automatic Updates. It will save your time and effort to update it yourself. If the automatic updates are not working as they should be, you can update any app on your device manually. Let’s learn how to perform both a manual and an automatic update on your Apple TV.

How to Manually Update Apps on Apple TV?

You can update any app on your device that has an update on your Apple TV. To update an app, follow these instructions.

1. Initially, launch the App Store from the Apple TV home screen.

update apps on Apple TV

2. Click on the Search icon in the AppStore.

update apps on Apple TV

3. On the search bar, search for any app that you want to update. 

4. Select the app from the search results.

5. If the app has an update, you can see the Update button. Then, click on the icon to update the app.

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How to Automatically Update Apps on Apple TV?

Apple TV lets you set up automatic updates for the applications if you do not want to update them manually. It will be a lot helpful to you and keeps the apps updated, and they run without any issues. Follow these steps to update apps on Apple TV automatically.

1. Launch the Settings app on your Apple TV.

2. From the Settings menu, choose the Apps option.

3. Finally, select the Automatically Update Apps option.

Now you know how to update an app on Apple TV both manually and automatically. However, setting an automatic update will help you save time. If the apps are not properly updated, you might find it hard to run those apps on your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download apps on Apple TV?

You can download apps on Apple TV from the App Store on those 4th generation and later models.

How to restart apps on Apple TV?

To restart apps on Apple TV, press the Home button on the remote >> click on the Home button twice >> when the App Switcher appears, you shall swipe up to close the apps that are open.

Does Apple TV automatically update its apps?

If you turn on the Automatic update of apps on an Apple TV, it will update the app by itself. Go to Settings > Apps > Automatically Update Apps and turn it on.

Can you get new apps on old Apple TVs?

You can download apps only on Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. This is because these Apple TV models support the App Store from which you can download and install apps.

How do you update apps on Apple TV 1st generation?

Updating an app on your Apple TV 1st generation requires updating the device firmware.

How to download apps on Apple TV 3rd generation?

There is no manual option to download the apps on Apple TV 3rd generation and below. Rather, you need to update your device to access the latest version of the pre-installed apps.

Can I refresh apps on Apple TV?

Yes. To refresh the app, press the Home button two times to choose the app and swipe up on the Touch Surface to close the app. Now, press the back button to close the app switcher.

How to check for updates on Apple TV?

From the Apple TV home, launch Settings >> select System >> choose Software update >> select Update Software.