The HomePod is a smart speaker system developed by Apple that can be wirelessly connected to your Apple devices and play high-quality audio. As you might have guessed, this device connects well with your Apple TV and make your binge-watching experiences more immersive than ever. However, to connect to your Apple TV, you need to set up your HomePod initial with the help of an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. You can also connect two HomePod devices to a stereo channel using the Home app to enjoy the Audio in stereo quality. But, first, you need to set up your device and connect it to devices that support the Airplay feature. This article will discuss all you need to know about HomePod Apple TV.

Setting up HomePod device

As aforementioned, you will need an iOS device to set up your HomePod before you can connect it to your Apple TV.

1. Bring your iOS device to your HomePod.

2. Tap Set Up on the popup.

3. Choose the Home Kit room to set up the HomePod

4. Next, tap on Agree button on the terms and conditions page.

Setup Homepod using iOS device

5. Tap Transfer Settings and sign in to your iCloud account, Wi-Fi network, and other settings

Setup Homepod using iOS device

Set up Stereo sound with HomePods

1. Launch the Home app on your iOS device.

2. Next, long press on one of the HomePods on the Home app.

3. Further, tap on the Details option.

Setup stereo opn HomePods using Home app

4. Then, tap on the Create Stereo Pair option.

5. Further, select the other HomePod device you want to create a stereo pair with.

Setup Homepod Stereo

6. Go to each of the HomePod device settings to specify the left and right side of the HomePod tap Back to exit.

Setup Homepod Stereo

How to set your HomePod as your default speaker on Apple TV

To work, you need to run tv OS 14.2 or a newer version.

1. Open the Settings app on your Apple TV.

2. Next, click Video and Audio.

Setup HomePod  as default speaker on Apple TV

3. In the menu, choose Audio Output.

4. From the list of available devices, select your HomePod.

Setup Homepod  as default speaker

Play Audio from Apple TV to HomePod via AirPlay

1. Hold down the Home Button on the Siri Remote for 3+ seconds to open the Control Center on your Apple TV.

2. Click the AirPlay icon in the Control Center.

3. Select your HomePod from the list of available devices.

Airplay from Apple TV to HomePod

4. Once you are done and want to stop, Repeat the same steps, and from the list of available devices, deselect HomePod and click on your TV.

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To Conclude

That’s it, folks. We have covered everything you need to know before setting up your HomePods with your Apple TV. If you have more questions, you can always visit the Apple Support Site. For more excellent articles on your Apple TV device, visit our blog.