Greyhound is a popular American-based movie streaming on Apple TV starring Tom Hanks. The film is based on the 1955 novel, The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester. The movie has a runtime of ninety minutes and streams only on Apple TV. Apple TV is a subscription-based streaming app with exciting Apple TV Originals. Greyhound is not a movie that you should miss out on. However, if you don’t want to get an Apple TV subscription just to watch the movie, then you will find this section useful. The upcoming section will guide you on how to watch Greyhound movie without Apple TV.

How to Watch Greyhound Movie Without Apple TV

If you don’t want to get an Apple TV+ subscription, the only way to watch Greyhound is by getting its free trial. There are three different choices when it comes to an Apple TV free trial.

  • Seven-day free trial with a $4.99 per month subscription.
  • One month free trial if you get subscribed with Apple One.
  • Three months free trial when you get a new Apple device.

Follow these instructions to get Apple TV free trial.

1. On your PC or smartphone, open any web browser.

2. Using the browser, visit the Apple TV Plus website.

Apple TV website

3. Select the Sign-in button available at the top-right corner of your screen.

4. Next, sign in with your Apple ID and Password.

Sign in to Apple TV

5. Select the Start Free Trial button.

6. Finally, you can start the free trial by selecting the Confirm option.

How to Watch the Movie Greyhound Without Apple TV

The Apple TV app comes pre-installed on your Apple TV. If you can’t find the app, you can install it from the App Store. To watch the movie on your Apple TV, follow these instructions.

1. Launch the Apple TV App Store and choose the Search icon.

2. Using the search bar, look for the Apple TV app.

How to Watch the Movie Greyhound Without Apple TV

3. Choose the Apple TV+ app icon from the results on your screen.

4. Select the Get button to install the Apple TV app.

5. To launch the Apple TV app, select the Open button.

6. Sign in to the Apple TV free trial by following the instructions on your screen.

7. In the Apple TV app, search for the movie Greyhound.

8. Select it and enjoy watching the movie on your TV.

How to Watch Greyhound Movie Without Apple TV

How to Watch Greyhound on Apple TV by Screen Mirroring

Another method to watch the movie Greyhound on your Apple TV without the Apple TV app is by screen mirroring the app on your TV. Follow these instructions to watch Greyhound by screen mirroring.

1. Ensure that you have connected your Apple TV and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Open the Control Center of your iPhone.

3. Find the Screen Mirroring icon and then select it.

How to Watch Greyhound Movie Without Apple TV

4. Next, choose your Apple TV from the list of devices.

5. Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone.

6. Search for the movie, Greyhound and start streaming it on your TV.

How to Cancel Apple TV Free Trial

You need to cancel your Apple TV free trial after watching the movie Greyhound so that you don’t get charged for the subscription. To cancel the Apple TV free trial, follow these instructions.

1. On your Apple TV, open the Settings menu.

2. Choose the Users & Accounts option and then choose your Account.

3. Select the Subscriptions option.

4. Scroll to the Apple TV Plus option and select it.

5. Select the Cancel Subscription /Cancel Free Trial option from the menu.

Greyhound was one of the best Apple TV shows to receive positive feedback. You can better opt for the seven-day free trial to stream the movie and cancel it to not get charged. Since Apple TV is available in most countries, the user may not get any geo-restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch Greyhound on my TV?

If you have the Apple TV app on devices like Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, or iOS device, you can watch the movie in it.

How to watch Greyhound without Apple TV?

No, you can watch the movie only on Apple TV. If you don’t have a subscription, get a free trial on Apple TV.

Can I watch Greyhound without Apple TV?

The movie Greyhound doesn’t stream on other popular streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. You can stream the movie only with Apple TV.

Where can I watch Greyhound Movie besides Apple TV?

Besides Apple TV, there is no other media streaming app to watch the movie.

How can I watch Tom Hanks Greyhound?

You can watch this American movie by Tom Hanks with the Apple TV app alone.

Can you watch Greyhound on something other than Apple TV?

There is no other streaming service that streams the movie, Greyhound.

Is Greyhound movie on Amazon Prime?

The movie, Greyhound is not available on Amazon Prime.

Is Greyhound on Netflix?

No. It is an Apple TV+ exclusive and you cannot get it on Netflix.