In this section, you will find details about how to access your iCloud Photos on Apple TV and choose and set any of your favorite iCloud Photos as your Apple TV’s screensaver.

Apple TV has a built-in screensaver feature, but it’s somewhat limited in functionality and choices. We can rely on iCloud Photos on Apple TV and set any iCloud Photos as a screensaver in such a case. You can even customize the aspect ratio and change the transition effects on iCloud Photos. The best thing about bringing iCloud Photos on your TV is that all the new images you add to your iCloud account through your iPhone or iPad get automatically fetched on your TV’s iCloud account. Just proceed with the step-by-step procedure mentioned below, and you’ll be able to import your images from iCloud and set them as your Apple TV’s screensaver.

How to Get iCloud Photos on Apple TV

Turning on iCloud on Apple TV prompt you to log in to your iCloud account with a password. If you don’t feel comfortable using your Apple TV’s Siri remote to enter the password, choose either iPhone/iPad remote app or your Bluetooth keyboard as an alternative. And then check out the below steps to turn on iCloud on Apple TV,

1. First-of-all, launch the Settings icloud photos on apple tv app on your Apple TV.

2. Then select iCloud under the listed Settings menu.

icloud photos on apple tv

3. In this screen, choose Sign In option.

icloud photos on apple tv

4. You may already have signed in to your Apple TV using your Apple ID, but still, you need to sign in to iCloud using your Apple ID. To do so, select Yes on this screen.

icloud photos on apple tv

5. When prompted, enter the iCloud password. So, enter your iCloud account’s password on the required field and click on the Submit button.

icloud photos on apple tv

6. If you’ve enabled two-step verification on your Apple TV, you need to verify your identity via phone number in this step of signing in to your iCloud account on Apple TV. Or else you’ll be directly landed on the iCloud Settings page on Apple TV.

[Note: If you want to set iCloud Photos as an Apple TV screensaver, follow the steps further]

7. Now, enable the My Photo Stream option on the iCloud Photo Settings page. This will prompt you to use My Photo Stream as Screen Saver.

Select Turn On My Photo Stream

8. Choose Yes in the prompt message.

Select Yes

9. Now, the iCloud Photos will successfully be synced with your TV. So just like you choose your change screensaver in the Apple TV’s Settings menu, just head to Settings > Screensaver > Photos > Choose Photos > iCloud Photos.

10. Finally, choose any of your favorite photos on the iCloud Photos page on Apple TV and enjoy using it as your TV’s screen saver.

Select a Picture

AirPlay Photos to Apple TV: Alternative Way

In case you don’t want to access iCloud on Apple TV, you can choose to play the images, albums, or videos over AirPlay. For this, you need to keep your devices connected to the same WIFi. With that, you need to launch the Control Center and choose AirPlay or Screen Mirroring.

How to Use iCloud Photos as Screensaver on Apple TV

1. Make sure to Sign in to your Apple TV with the iCloud account. It can be done under Settings >> Accounts >> iCloud >> Sign In.

2. Now, you should enable the iCloud Photo Sharing and My Photo Stream option.

3. To set photo stream as a screensaver on Apple TV 4th generation, go to Settings >> General >> Screensaver.

On older generation Apple TV, select Settings >> Screensaver >> Photos.

4. Go to the Screensaver menu, highlight Type, and then My Photos.

5. Then, select Photo Stream or a shared album of your choice.

6. Choose Set as Screen Saver to set a single picture as a screensaver.

7. When prompted for confirmation, select Yes.

So in this quick guide, we’ve compiled the exact procedure to add and use iCloud Photos as your TV’s screensaver. We hope, this article about iCloud Photos on Apple TV is useful to you. You shall learn to access Google Photos on Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if iCloud Photos on Apple TV not working?

Firstly, check your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi connection is stable. And then go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos and make sure that My Photos Stream is enabled.

How to enable iCloud Photo Sharing on Apple TV?

Go to Settings app → Users and AccountsiCloud Share Albums. With this, you can share albums with your friends.

How to view the iCloud Photo library on Apple TV?

To access iCloud Photos, you need to launch the Photos app on your Apple TV.
You can see the iCloud Photos section appears in the Library category on the Photos app.

How to turn off iCloud Photos on Apple TV?

Go to Settings app → Accounts iCloud Turn off iCloud Photos.

How to delete iCloud photos on Apple TV?

Go to Photos appLibrary iCloud Photos → Select the iCloud Photos you want to delete → Tap the Trash button.