If you love doing Karaoke, then there are a lot of different Karaoke apps available. If you aren’t familiar with karaoke apps, then here is a basic description for you. A Karaoke app is an entertainment app that lets you record songs. The app itself provides you with the background score along with the lyrics. You can make all required changes to your recording and publish it on the app, and people in the app can listen to it. There are a lot of additional features on different Karaoke apps. In this section, we shall discuss steps to add and stream the Karaoke app on Apple TV.

Best Karaoke Apps For Apple

Let us find out the most exciting Karaoke apps for your Apple TV.

Karaoke Cloud

Karaoke Cloud

Karaoke Cloud is one of the most interesting Karaoke apps available in the App Store on your Apple TV. It has a simple interface with an amazing collection of backtracks. The songs on Karaoke Cloud are the instrumental versions licensed by Karaoke Play. It is based on a monthly subscription of $10 with a free trial. The library is updated with new music of your favorite artists and record songs.



Smule is an interesting American music application with the Karaoke of your favorite songs. The Karaoke versions of songs from Smule are licensed. The Smule library is vast with more than 10 million songs. You can download the Smule app on your Apple TV from its App Store. The app has features for singing solo songs, duets, and in a group. You can share your recordings with others on the app and listen to others’ recordings. You can also record songs with popular celebrities like Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran, and Dua Lipa.

Karaoke On-Demand

Karaoke On demand

Karaoke On-Demand is another karaoke app that you can find in the App Store on your Apple TV. There are thousands of karaoke on which you can record songs. Also, the library is expanded frequently with new titles. You can record your voice on these backtracks with the scrolling lyrics on your TV screen. The music on Karaoke On-Demand includes different genres like Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, and more. In addition, you can find seasonal songs, children’s songs, and spiritual songs on Karaoke On Demand.


Singa - Karaoke App on Apple TV

Singa app is available on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. It has a huge library of high-quality karaoke recordings. The app will let you make your recordings or join in-app parties with your friends. With the app, find the nearest Singa-powered karaoke venue and sing on stages.  The app library is updated frequently with new songs of your favorite songs. After recording shows on Singa, you can edit the songs and share them with the community in the app.


StarMaker - Karaoke App on Apple TV

StarMaker is a much-loved music streaming service with karaoke backtracks. However, it isn’t officially available in the Apple TV App Store. It has more than 50 million users with an expanded library of music. The genres of songs on StarMaker include Pop, Hip Hop, Folk, R&B, and more. You can share your recordings with people on the app. In addition, you can listen to other recordings, and join party rooms, and families on the app. It helps you interact with more people of similar interests.

Sing Unlimited

Sing unlimited - Karaoke App on Apple TV

Sing Unlimited isn’t available for download in the Apple TV App Store. So, you need to screen mirror Sing unlimited on your TV with the airplay feature. It has more than a million users at present. It has an endless catalog of music that you can record. After recording your songs, you can share them with the community in the app. You can listen to recordings of other artists on the app and vote for them. With Sing unlimited, you can record both free as well as premium karaoke backtracks.


KaraFun - Karaoke App on Apple TV

KaraFun is a karaoke app with a cool collection of music from your favorite artists. The library includes hundreds of free songs as well. If you want more music, you can get a premium subscription to KaraFun. You can download the songs from KaraFun to listen to them offline. The app is available on iPhone and iPad but not on Apple TV. Therefore, you need to screen mirror KaraFun on Apple TV and access the same.

How to Add Karaoke App on Apple TV?

If you are looking forward to using the Karaoke app on Apple TV, we will guide you through adding Smule on Apple TV 4th gen and later.

(1) Firstly, launch the App Store on your Apple TV.

(2) Click on the Search bar in the App Store.

(3) Making use of the on-screen keyboard, search for Smule.

(4) Choose the Smule app from among the list of search results.

(5) Further, click the Get icon to download the app.

Karaoke App on Apple TV

(6) Wait till the download completes and click on Open to launch the app.

(7) Follow the prompts to Sign in with your account.

(8) Choose any song you like and start singing.

How to Add the Karaoke app on older-generation Apple TV?

You can’t download Smule on older generation Apple TV models. So, here is a method to access Smule on such devices.

(1) Firstly, connect both the iPhone/iPad and the Apple TV on the same Wi-Fi connection.

(2) Install the Smule app on your iPhone or iPad and Sign In.

(3) Launch your Control Centre and tap on the Screen Mirroring option.

(4) Choose your Apple TV from the list of available devices.

(5) Launch the Smule app once again.

(6) Finally, play your favorite song and start singing.

Enjoy singing your favorite songs with Smule on your Apple TV. If you wish to try other karaoke apps, we have a few suggestions. You can access SingIt, Karaoke TV, Karaoke Music, and RockIt Karaoke apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Karaoke apps on Apple TV?

It is better to download Apple TV Karaoke apps from the App Store if you have a fourth or fifth generation. However, you might need to use the AirPlay feature and cast karaoke apps on older versions of Apple TVs.

Can I do Karaoke on Apple TV?

Yes. You can use Karaoke apps on Apple TV and sing your favorite songs.