Kodi is simply an ultimate source of entertainment with a variety of contents. The library of Kodi includes movies, TV shows, music, photos, and games. Furthermore, you can enjoy radio stations on Kodi. There is no way that you won’t be impressed with Kodi. However, the Kodi app is unavailable for download on an Apple TV. So, you need to side-load the app to your Apple TV. You can add Kodi on both Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4 K. In other words, you need tvOS 14 to add Kodi on an Apple TV. Kodi can be installed on a variety of devices other than Apple TV. It includes Android devices, iOS devices, Xbox, Roku, Firestick, Smart TVs, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.

How to Add Kodi on Apple TV using Xcode?

Xcode is supported on Mac, and you need a Mac to upload Kodi on your Apple TV. Here is a detailed guide to help you add Kodi to your TV. You need to have the following before starting.

  • Xcode
  • iOS App Signer
  • Apple TV HD
  • Latest tvOS (tvOS14)

On Apple TV HD

1. Using a USB cable, connect the Apple TV device to your Mac.

2. Open Xcode on your Mac.

3. Click on tvOS and then on Application using.

4. Click on the Single View Application option and click on Next.

Kodi on Apple TV

5. You need to name the app, say Kodi, and then provide a unique identifier.

6. If a warning appears on Xcode regarding the absence of a provisioning file, select Fix Issue.

Kodi on Apple TV

7. Enter your Apple ID, either Standard or Developers.

Note: If you use Standard ID, then you need to re-install Kodi every seven days. However, you can use it for one year if you have a Developer’s ID.

Kodi on Apple TV

8. Launch the iOS App Signer

9. On the Input File field, scroll to the installation file of Kodi.

10. Enter Kodi on the App Display Name field and then click on Start.

11. Give some time for the iOS App Signer to unpack the installation data of Kodi and then save a new file.

12. Open Xcode and click on the Window option on the menu bar on top.

13. Click on the Devices option.

14. Navigate to your Apple TV on the sidebar and click on the + button on the right side.

15. Find the Kodi file that is newly created.

16. Xcode will finish the process on its own, and it takes some time.

17. Once done, disconnect Apple TV from Mac.

18. Connect Apple TV to your TV and turn it on.

19. You can find that Kodi is available in the app after successful installation.

On Apple TV 4K

1. Open Settings on your Apple TV 4K.

2. Further, select the Remotes and Devices option and then the Remote App and Devices option.

3. Launch Xcode on your Mac and then on the Windows option.

4. Next, click on the Devices and Simulators option.

5. Make sure both the Apple TV 4K and Mac are close to one another.

6. If that is the case, you can see the Pair with (Your Name) Apple TV button.

7. Click on this button.

8. If the button is unavailable, click on your Apple TV from the left sidebar.

9. Click on the + button on the right side.

10. Click on the installation file of Kodi and then click on Open.

11. Soon, you can transfer the app to your Apple TV 4K.

Now you know how to install Kodi on your Apple TV. Hope you find this article helpful while adding the same on your Apple TV. Get more useful updates and articles on our blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I install Kodi on Apple?

You can install Kodi on both your Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K using Xcode.

2. Does Kodi work on Apple?

Kodi works on iOS devices, including Apple TV, iPhones, and iPads.