NFL Draft is a starter pack for unleashing the Football fever among fans. It helps to judge the strength and future of teams even before the league begins. Nothing can match the joy & quality experience of enjoying the NFL Draft on Apple TV. There are different ways you can watch NFL Draft on Apple TV. There are multiple applications available in App Store to stream NFL on your TV. Here are the best methods to watch NFL Draft.

TV Channels Broadcasting NFL Draft

To watch NFL Draft on your Apple TV, purchase & switch to official streaming TV channels. Here are different options to stream NFL Draft on your TV:

  • NFL
  • ESPN 1, ESPN 2
  • ABC

The above TV channels stream NFL Draft and all NFL games. But a minor issue is that their services are only limited within the USA. So if people outside the US want to enjoy NFL Draft, they can use online platforms to stream the content. Such sports streaming platforms to watch NFL Draft are listed below.

How to Stream NFL Draft on Apple TV?

Subscribing a sports app is cost-effective and provides access to more content from various sources than a single TV channel. However, you must download these apps on your Apple TV to stream the match live or on-demand.


The best app to watch NFL Draft on your Apple TV is by using the official NFL app. You can also watch live streaming of NFL matches and their highlights and stay updated on match scores by downloading the app from App Store.

You can also have information on match schedules, statistics of players, teams, and a lot more in & around the NFL world. There is also a fantasy league where you can pick your team, collect fantasy points, and win exciting prizes. Additionally, you can stream all nationally televised prime-time games & 3 local games for free. As it is an exclusive app for the NFL league, you won’t miss anything about NFL and can enjoy your match without much distraction.

Subscription Cost: $9.99 per month


You can also stream NFL Draft using the ESPN app on your Apple TV. If you have a subscription, install the ESPN app from App Store and log in to watch the NFL draft on your Apple TV. It is one of the best ways to stream the NFL Draft on TV.

Subscription Cost: $9.99 per month

ESPN app

Sling TV

Sling TV, an app to stream live and on-demand content, allows you to stream NFL Draft without cable through ESPN, ESPN 2, and NFL channels. The main advantage of using this app is that it lets you choose where to stream. The annual subscription fee of Sling TV is low when compared to other competitors. It also has 7 days of free trial as well. It has three different packages Sling TV Blue, Sling TV Orange, and Sling TV Blue + Orange.

Subscription Cost: $35 per month (includes ESPN only), $50 per month (ESPN & NFL +45 other channels).

Sling TV on Apple TV


You can watch NFL Draft on DirectTV Stream through ESPN 1 & 2. This app doesn’t have an NFL channel, but you can access all ESPN streamed content. DirecTV Stream also has a free trial period, and you can use it to stream content for free during the trial period.

Subscription Cost starts at 69.99$ for 75+ channels.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is also the best option for watching the NFL Draft from anywhere in the United States. The price starts at 64.99$ a month with a free trial for new users. You can enjoy watching YouTube TV for free for two weeks if you are a new user. It contains ESPN and NFL Network as well. You can also watch NFL Redzone along with the base plan.

YouTube on Apple TV

Note: If the above-mentioned apps are not working in your country, try using a VPN.

Thus, the above choices will help you watch NFL Draft on Apple TV. In addition, these apps are suggested to provide legal access to NFL Draft worldwide. Meanwhile, there are other apps also, that offer similar services.


(1) Is ESPN plus free on Apple TV?

No. The service can be enabled on your Apple TV after subscribing for $9.99/month.

(2) Can I watch NFL on Apple TV for free?

You can watch important nationalized games (three games in a week) & three local games for free on your Apple TV.

(3) Does Hulu have all NFL games?

With Hulu live, you can watch all games on ESPN. In addition, it streams NFL with a sports addon pack for 10 dollars.