Out of all the available streaming services, Apple TV offers the best of video and audio. However, one of the issues commonly found on Apple TV is the issue with its sound. While watching movies and playing games on it, the sound on the device does not work properly. You can fix the sound issue on the Apple TV by altering a few settings on the device. Also, if you had connected a Bluetooth headset to the device but had forgotten to unpair it, then it is obvious that the sound cannot be heard. Whatever be the reason, let’s find out how to fix an Apple TV with no sound issue.

How to Fix No Sound on Apple TV Issue

If there is no sound on your Apple TV 4k or lower, try out the troubleshooting tips given below.

Check if Your TV is on Mute

First and foremost, you need to check the volume level on your TV. If the device is in mute mode, you know that there would be no sound. If the device is on mute, turning up the volume on putting it on Unmute will help you.

Mute button

Check Your Connections

If you are connected with a home theatre, you need to ensure that the connections are proper. If any of the cables and cords are loose or improperly connected, you will have to connect them properly. Also, if you have been using a damaged cable, you need to change them and try using better ones.

Check if Your Speaker is Turned On

Certain speakers have their power buttons that you need to turn on. If this button is not turned on, you will not hear a sound. If your speaker has such a button, you will have to turn it on individually.

No Sound on Apple TV
Push Power Button

Force Restart on Apple TV

Performing a Force Restart on Apple TV will fix small bugs on the device. So this can fix the issue with the sound on your Apple TV. It will work when you have the audio or sound issue while you AirPlay the content.

Pocket Guide: To Force restart Apple TV, press the Menu button on the Apple remote > hit the Down button > Wait for 60to 80 seconds.

1. Press the Menu button and the Down button on your remote continuously for 6 to 8 seconds.

No Sound on Apple TV

2. This will restart your Apple TV, and you can remove your fingers from the buttons.

3. Restart will take around 2 minutes, and you have to wait till then.

4. Once the device is turned on, check if the issue is fixed or not.

Change Audio Option

Pocket Guide: To change audio, go to Apple TV Settings > select Audio & Video > choose Audio Mode > hightlight 16 bit.

1. From the Apple TV home screen, open the Settings menu.

2. From the settings menu, select the Audio& Video option.

Audio and Video

3. Next, select the Audio Mode option and change the same from Auto to 16 bit.

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Disable Dolby Digital Out

Pocket Guide: To Disable Dolby Digital Out > open Apple TV Settings > choose Audio &Video > select Dolby Digital > Turn It Off.

1. From the Apple TV home screen, open Settings.

2. Click on the Audio & Video option from the menu.

Audio and Video

3. Select the Dolby Digital option and turn it off.

Update the App

If the issue with audio exists only on one of the apps on your Apple TV, you can update the app.

Pocket Guide: To Update Apple TV app, go to App Store > Search icon > Search for the app > Select the app > Click on Update.

1. Launch the App Store on your Apple TV, click on the Search icon.

App Store

2. Search for the particular app by typing its name and selecting the same from the results.

3. If there is a pending update on the app, click on the Update button.

Update Apple TV Software

The Apple TV software needs an update from time to time to fix its bugs. Therefore, you need to update the Apple TV software to fix the audio issue.

Pocket Guide: To update Apple TV, go to Settings > Software > Update Software > Download and Install.

1. Navigate to select the Settings app on your Apple TV from its home screen.

2. Click on Software Updates and then on Update Software.

Update Software

3. A pop-up on your screen shows if there are any pending updates available.

4. If there is a pending update available, click on Download and Install option.

No Sound on Apple TV 6

5. Wait for the software update to complete and check if the issue with your sound exists.

Reset Apple TV

One of the final troubleshooting methods that you should try is to Reset Apple TV. Resetting the Apple TV will fix bugs on it. However, it will remove any customized settings or apps on the device.

Pocket Guide: To reset Apple TV, go to Settings > System > Reset > Confirm Reset.

1. On the Settings app on your Apple TV, select the System option.

2. From the menu, select the Reset option.

No Sound on Apple TV

3. As a prompt appears on your screen, confirm the Reset.

Try Using Your Apple TV on Another TV

If there is no sound on your Apple TV after a factory reset then, you need to try using your Apple TV on another TV. Sometimes the issue might not be with Apple TV but with your television. So, you can check if the issue is with your television by accessing the Apple TV on another television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no sound coming from my Apple TV?

You might not have turned on your speakers, or the connections on your home theater is loose. So, you need to follow these troubleshooting tips to fix the no sound issue.

Why is the sound on my TV not working?

The sound on your Apple TV might not work because of the software on your device being not updated.

Is there a mute button on the Apple TV remote?

Only the Apple TV Siri remote has a mute button on it.