NOW TV is a subscription-based OTT television service owned and operated by Sky Network. The service was launched in 2012 and is available in the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Germany. NOW TV is available officially for the latest models of Apple TV on the App Store. So, you shall get NOW TV on Apple TV HD and 4K installed in no time. In addition, the users shall screen mirror NOW TV from iOS devices.

Important Note: NOW TV isn’t compatible with Apple TV 1, 2, and 3rd generations.

How Much is NOW TV on Apple TV

The service comes up with 4 packages and add-ons where you get a more qualitative and deliberate collection of shows, movies, and series along with a 7-day free trial. Every NOW TV subscription has a quite impressive channel line-up.

PlanEntertainment + BoostCinema + BoostHayuAdd-on BoostEntertainment + Cinema + Boost
Cost£9.99 per month£5 a month for 6 months£4.99 per month+ £5 a month£14.99 per month for 6 months
Free Trial7-day free trial 7-day free trial7-day free trial 7-day free trial
QualityFull HDFull HDFull HDFull HDFull HB
Simultaneous Streaming2 devices 2 devices 2 devices Available on selected content and devices only.3 devices

What’s on NOW TV

  • Watch the latest movies, brand new Sky Original films, Award-winning shows, and other famous series.
  • You can watch movies and on-demand titles with subtitles with Cinema Membership and Entertainment Membership.
  • Save movies or shows to watch later by adding them to your Watchlist.
  • Download your favorite shows and movies to watch in offline mode with Entertainment, Cinema, and Hayu Membership.
  • NOW TV has parental controls on Apple TV to restrict children from watching age-restricted content.
  • You can pause or rewind the on-demand movies and shows for up to 30 minutes.

How to Download NOW TV on Apple TV

NOW TV app is available on 4th and 5th Generation Apple TV models. You can download NOW TV on tvOS by following the below procedure.

1). Connect your Apple TV to WIFI and ensure the internet signal is stable.

2). On your Apple TV, go to the App Store tile from the home screen.

3). Inside the App store, go to the Search icon and type NOW TV on the search field using the on-screen keyboard.

4). From the search results, select the NOW TV icon and select Download.

5). After downloading the app, click Open to launch the NOW TV app on your TV.

6). Sign in with the login credentials of the subscribed account.

Now TV on Apple TV

7). After successful sign-in, you can enjoy streaming all of your favorite contents of NOW TV on your TV.

How to Screen Mirror NOW TV to Apple TV

If you want to screen mirror NOW TV contents to the Apple TV, then follow the below steps.

1). Before starting the screen mirroring procedure, connect your iPhone and TV to the same WiFi network.

2). On your iPhone, go to the App Store and search for NOW TV.

3). Click Get to download the NOW TV app on your iPhone from the App Store.

4). When the download is complete, select Open to launch the NOW TV app on your iOS device.

5). Sign in to your subscribed NOW TV account with valid login credentials.

6). Then, click the Screen Mirror on your iPhone from the Control Center.

Screen Mirror Now TV to Apple TV

7). Now, your iPhone searches for nearby devices and shows the list of available devices to the screen mirror.

8). Select your Apple TV from the available devices to connect it to your iPhone.

9). When the devices are connected, play any video from the NOW TV app from your iPhone to start mirroring on your TV.

How to Fix NOW TV Buffering or Slow Loading Issue

If you encounter any buffering issues while streaming NOW TV on Apple TV, then follow the below techniques to fix the issue.

Check your home network

The major problem you face while streaming NOW TV on TV is a network issue. You can check the signal strength using the TV menu with the following steps.

1). On your TV, go to Settings and select General.

2). Under the General section, select About to know the signal strength.

3). Your signal strength can be improved if your TV is within the range of the base station near you.

4). Learn about wireless interference and try using an ethernet cable instead of WIFI to avoid wireless interferences.

Update your TV

Check for the latest firmware updates on the Apple TV to fix the video loading issue.

1). On your TV, go to Settings and then choose General

2). Under the General section, select Update software.

3). If any update is available, click Download and Install to update the software.

Change Your Network Settings

1). Go to TV Settings and choose General, followed by Network.

2). In the Network section, configure TCP/IP.

3). Select the Automatic option from the Network Setup screen and Restart Apple TV and router.

You can get tuned to NOW TV by any of the mentioned ways and fix streaming issues with the given fixes. You can watch top Sky content and on-demand titles on your couch in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices can stream NOW TV at a time?

You can stream NOW TV on upto 6 devices separately and upto 3 devices simultaneously.

Is NOW TV free on Apple TV?

You can watch the contents of NOW TV for free by using the free trial offer. However, you must pay for a monthly subscription to continue watching NOW TV content.

Why can’t I sign into NOW TV on Apple TV?

You can’t sign into Now TV if your login credentials aren’t right.

Can I fix the NOW TV on Apple TV not working issue?

Yes. The issue can be fixed by connecting the device to the stable internet, updating the app and device, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, renewing the subscription, etc.