OWN is an American entertainment & lifestyle program channel jointly owned by Warner Bros & Discovery Channel. OWN stands for Oprah Winfrey Network. The target audience of this channel is African Americans. You can have a great watch time if you watch OWN Network on your Apple TV. You can watch OWN Network on Apple TV using the OWN app or Discovery+ app.

Watch Using OWN App

The OWN App is the best way to watch the OWN network on your Apple TV. It is a dedicated app to stream all OWN Network content. The app is free to download & you can watch certain shows for free without even signing in. If you have a basic cable TV subscription package, you can access all libraries of OWN at home on your Apple TV. The network is available via most traditional cable providers.

So, purchase a subscription package from the service provider & sign in to OWN.tv using the account information given by the cable service provider.

Watch OWN Network with Discovery+

You can also watch OWN Network using a Discovery+ subscription. As OWN Network itself is owned by Discovery+, it is one of the 14 apps that is available with the Discovery+ package. It is also a beneficial way because by subscribing to Discovery+, you can also use the other 13 sister apps. To watch OWN Network using Discovery+ on Apple TV, you should first have a Discovery+ account.

Visit the Discovery Plus website on your mobile phone or computer and create an account by signing up for a subscription plan.

Watch OWN Network on Apple TV

[1] Connect your Apple TV to WiFi & open App Store.

[2] In the search bar, type Discovery+.

[3] Locate the app & click the Get option.

[4] Now, the app will start downloading.

[5] After that, click Open & launch the app.

[6] Fill in the login credentials & login into the Discovery+ account.

[7] Now you can access the OWN channel on the Apple TV device.

Discovery app on Apple TV

Watch OWN Network Without Cable

You can also use teh below-mentioned streaming services to stream the OWN Network without any cable provider subscription.

These apps stream many channels & come up with features like cloud recording, streaming on multiple devices simultaneously & lot more. Subscribing to these services will be useful if you don’t want to limit your access to a single channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What are the famous shows on OWN Network?

Some of the popular shows on OWN Network are The Oprah Winfrey Show, Super Soul Sunday, The Dr.Oz Show, Greenleaf, Dr.Phil, etc.,