Pandora is a subscription-based music streaming service in Oakland, California, owned by Sirius XM Holdings in the United States of America. The service was first launched as an online radio service that creates custom music channels based on user’s music tastes. In 2017 the platform announced the launch of premium plans converting itself into an on-demand music streaming platform to compete with its peers like Spotify and Apple Music. Pandora is only available for users in the United States. The app is primarily ad-supported, which means you can listen to Pandora for free if you are willing to tolerate a few ads. But if you want an ad-free experience along with additional features like offline downloads and unlimited skips, you will have to subscribe to one of the paid plans. Let’s discuss all how you can get Pandora on your Apple TV.

How to Install Pandora on Apple TV?

1. Make sure your Apple TV has a stable internet connection.

2. Open the App Store from the home screen.

App Store on Apple TV

3. Type in Pandora on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard and search for it.

Search for app in the App Store

4. From the search results, select the Pandora app.

5. Next, click on the Install button to install the app on your device.

Pandora App info page

6. Once the installation is complete, launch the app on your Apple TV

Activate Pandora on Apple TV

1. Open the Pandora app on your Apple TV, and click on Sign in with Activation Code.

2. An Activation Code will be displayed on your Apple TV screen.

3. Now, visit the on your smartphone or PC browser.

4. Enter the Activation Code displayed on the TV screen and click the Activate Now button.

Pandora Activation Website

5. Once the activation is complete, your Apple TV screen will refresh, and you will have access to all the music.

Stream Pandora from your iOS devices using Airplay [Alternative Way]

1. Make sure both your Apple TV and the iOS device are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Install the Pandora app on your iOS device.

3. Once installation is complete, launch the app and Sign in with your Pandora account.

4. Play any radio or music track you want to stream to your Apple TV, and click the Airplay icon on the media player.

5. From the list of available devices, select your Apple TV device.

Pandora iOS app Airplay

 6. Once the connection is established, the music will be streamed to your Apple TV.

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To Conclude

I hope this article was clear in painting a proper picture of Pandora on Apple TV. If you are using a second or third-generation Apple TV device, you will have to use the second option. If you use the fourth-generation Apple TV, you can pick either of the two methods discussed. Check out our blog for more cool articles on your Apple TV device.