Parental Control is one of the first things you would want to set up on any device if you have kids at home. The same is the case with your Apple TV. It is because children can access explicit content from the apps on their devices. The term Parental Controls on an Apple TV is referred to as Restrictions. Irrespective of the generation of Apple TV you own, setting up the restrictions is similar. In other words, you can password protect Apple TV. You need to make sure that you need the latest software on Apple TV. So, let us find out the same in detail in the section below.

How to Set Parental Controls on Apple TV

Follow these instructions to set parental controls on Apple TV to lock apps or other features of your Apple TV.

1. Launch your Apple TV Settings and click on the General option.

2. Next, click on Restrictions and turn it on.

Parental Controls on Apple TV

3. Once prompted, select a four-digit passcode you like to lock the option.

4. Once again, enter the four digits and confirm your action by clicking on OK.

5. With this, the full Restriction menu appears, and you can customize the parental controls. 

6. Proceed to customize the available Apple TV features under the Restrictions.

How to Enable Specific Restrictions in iTunes Store

1. From the iTunes Store section, click on the Purchase and Rental option.

2. Select the Restrict option so that the children will have to enter a passcode.

3. The Block option will prevent the children from purchasing anything via the iTunes Store.

4. Next, click on the In-App Purchases and select the Restrict option to enable a passcode for all in-app purchases.

5. Alternatively, click on the Block option to prevent all purchases.

6. Next, you use the Password Settings option to customize the password of the iTunes Store and App Store.

How to Set Allowed Content Restrictions on Apple TV

You can set restrictions on six options in the Allowed Content section.

1. Go to Settings >> General >> Restrictions >> select Clean on Music and Podcasts to restrict explicit language.

Parental Controls on Apple TV

2. On the Ratings For option, select your country to watch movies and TV shows with no restrictions in your country. 

Select your Country

3. In the Movies section, choose the movie rating you like to allow access on your device. Click on Don’t Allow Movies so that movies don’t appear on the main menu.

4. On the TV Shows section, choose the TV show rating you like to allow access to your TV. Select Don’t Allow TV Shows so that TV shows don’t appear on the main menu.

5. On the Apps section, choose the rating you want for each individual Apple-branded app on your device.

6. Click on Hide under Siri Explicit Language to prevent Siri from using explicit language and accept commands in explicit language.

7. Select No under Multiplayer Games and Screen Recording to disable apps from having multiplayer games online and from screen recording gameplays.

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How to Customize Parental Controls on Apple TV 4K

An Apple TV 4K lets you set the restrictions on the following features and apps.

  • Allow option allows all apps and features.
  • Restrict option restricts purchases, rentals, or app usage until you enter a four-digit Apple TV password. 
  • Block or No option blocks certain contents and features on your Apple TV.
  • The Show or Yes option keeps apps, options, and features without a passcode.
  • The Hide option hides an app or a feature from the users.

How to Change the Passcode of Parental Controls on Apple TV

After setting Parental Controls, if you need to change the passcode, follow the given instructions.  

1. On the Apple TV, launch the Settings option and select the General option.

2. From the menu, select the Restrictions option.

3. Type in your current passcode and click on the Change Passcode option.

4. Input the new passcode and enter it again to confirm.


5. Finally, change the passcode by clicking on the Save option.

How to Turn Off Parental Controls on Apple TV

If you want to disable the parental controls on your Apple TV, do the below steps.

1. Navigate to the Apple TV app interface section to select Settings.

2. Choose the General option to select Restrictions.

3. Select Restrictions and enter the passcode.

4. Now, you shall set the Restrictions to Off.

Now, you know how exactly how to turn o, set up, and turn off the Parental Controls on Apple TV. So, you can always have control over what your children can access on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I restrict changes to Apple TV advanced options?

Yes. You can set Apple TV restrictions to advanced options including TV Provider, AirPlay Settings, Location Services, Conference Room Display, Remote App Pairing, etc.

Does Apple TV have Parental Controls?

Yes. Apple TV offers parental controls in the name of Restrictions, and you will find it under the device Settings.

Can I put parental controls on Apple TV Plus?

Yes. To set restrictions, open the Apple TV app >> select Settings >> choose Restrictions >> turn on Restrictions >> enter the passcode to enable the parental controls.

Can I reset the Apple TV passcode?

Yes. You can reset your current Apple TV passcode with a new passcode.

What happens if I forgot Apple TV 4-digit passcode?

If you don’t remember your Restrictions passcode, you should reset your Apple TV to remove the passcode and set it as a new device.

Does Apple TV restrict certain apps?

Yes. You can set up restrictions on certain apps on the Apple TV to limit accessing them.

How to block YouTube on Apple TV?

You can lock apps including YouTube on Apple TV by selecting Settings >> General >> Restrictions >> Passcode >> Apps >> choose age restrictions.