TSN is a popular sports streaming service in Canada. It gives you access to five national networks, TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5. With these channels, you can stream more than sixty sports events, including FIFA World Cup, NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, NASCAR, F1, NCAA, and Grand Slam on your TV. With the app, you watch live streaming of sports events on the live channels. In addition, you can watch shows and sports events on-demand. Also, you can watch highlights, sports analysis, and original content on the TSN app. You can enjoy streaming all these contents on Apple TV with the TSN app.

How to Watch TSN on Apple TV

TSN gives you updates about the scores of your favorite teams and leagues. In addition, TSN has award-winning Originals, podcasts, radio, and documentaries. The TSN app is based on a subscription of $19.99 per month. Learn how to download TSN on Apple TV running on tvOS 13.0 and later and the procedure to AirPlay it from iOS.

How to Get TSN on Apple TV

You can install TSN on your device as follows.

1. Turn on your Apple TV and navigate to click on the App Store tile to launch it.

Open App Store

2. Select the Search icon and search for the TSN app.

Search for TSN

3. Find the TSN app icon in the search results and select it.

4. Initiate the app download by selecting the Get button.

5. When the app download is complete, select the Open option.

How to Activate TSN on Apple TV

You can activate TSN on your device as follows.

1. Open the TSN app on your device after installing it.

2. From the app navigation bar, select the Sign In option.

3. Note down the Activation Code on your screen.

4. Using a web browser, visit the TSN activation website.

5. Next, sign in to your subscription following the instructions on your screen.

6. Once done, you get the ‘Success!’ message on the screen.

7. Finally, you can access content from the TSN app.

Alternative Method: Screen Mirroring

If your Apple TV doesn’t have an App Store, you shall stream TSN by screen mirroring. Follow these instructions to watch TSN on Apple TV.

1. Start by connecting your Apple TV to WIFI and use the same connection on your iOS device.

2. Install the TSN app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Open the TSN app and complete the sign-up process by entering the proper credentials.

TSN on Apple TV

4. Play any live streaming event in the TSN app on your iOS device.

5. Next, tap the AirPlay icon from the app.

6. Next, choose your Apple TV from the list of devices on your screen.

7. Finally, the live event will start to stream on your Apple TV.

Now, you know how to access sports events from the TSN app on your device. Apart from live and on-demand sports events, you can listen to podcasts and radio stations with the TSN app. TSN has radio stations from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton on TSN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TSN free on Apple TV?

You need a monthly subscription of $19.99 to stream the sports events on TSN.

Can I get TSN on Apple TV?

Yes, you can get the TSN app from the App Store on your device.

Why is TSN not working on Apple TV?

If the TSN app is not working, you need to update the app. Also, you can update the Apple TV software to fix the issue.

Is TSN on Amazon Prime?

The TSN app is not available on the Amazon Prime Video.

How much does the TSN app cost?

The TSN Apple TV app costs $19.99 per month.

Can you live stream TSN for free?

You can’t access the live sports events on TSN only with a monthly subscription.