Udemy is committed to helping every individual enhance their career growth with a great online learning experience. Its content is now available on Apple TV. So hereafter, every course you enroll on Udemy from your desktop browser can be accessed on your Apple TV comfortably. Not only that, with Udemy on tvOS, you’ll be able to browse the entire catalog of courses that it offers and enroll in any of your desired courses. On that note, you can explore new topics taken by leading industry experts and watch video lectures from top academic and IT professionals. So, if you’re ready to start learning today from your Apple TV, head to App Store and download Udemy’s Apple TV App.

udemy apple tv

How to Add Udemy on Apple TV

[1] Turn on your Apple TV and make sure your Apple TV’s Wi-Fi connection is stable.

[2] Launch the App Store on the home screen.

launch app store

[3] Then, click on the Search icon using the Apple TV remote controller.

udemy apple tv

[4] On the search bar, type Udemy and select the Udemy app in the search result.

[5] On the Udemy app’s more information page, select the Get button.

[6] Once the Udemy app installation is finished, sign in to your account using your Udemy account credential.

[7] That’s all. Now you’re all set to continue taking the already enrolled courses or browse & enroll in a new course on your Apple TV screen.

udemy apple tv

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Alternative Method: AirPlay Udemy From iOS Device

[1] Turn on AirPlay mode on your Apple TV.

[2] Connect your Apple TV and iOS devices under the same Wi-Fi network.

[3] On your iOS device, install the Udemy app from App Store if you didn’t already install it.

udemy from app store

[4] Login to the Udemy iOS app and go to the My Courses section.

[5] Play any course video you want to cast.

[6] On the top of that course video, you could see the AirPlay icon. Just click it. You will find the list of available devices.

udemy apple tv

[7] Choose your Apple TV from the available devices.

[8] Your Udemy iOS app screen will start casting on your tvOS screen in a few seconds.

General FAQs

Is Udemy Apple TV app good?

Yes, the choices of courses that Udemy offers are amazing. No other online learning platform offers as many courses as Udemy.

How to tackle if Udemy Apple TV couldn’t sign in?

Reset your account’s password and try to sign in again. If that doesn’t work for you, reach Udemy customer support

Is the Udemy Apple TV app free?

Udemy is a free learning app to use on Apple TV. So grab the courses as per your choice by installing this app on your TV.

What to do when the Udemy Apple TV app not working?

Try to restart the app. If the app doesn’t work, delete the app from your TV and reinstall it again. Remember, deleting the app will also remove all the course content that you’ve saved to watch later offline.

Can we get Udemy for Business on Apple TV?

No. It is only available for iPhones and iPad.

How to rectify the Udemy Apple TV app crashing issue?

The problem generally arises when your internet connection is unstable. So check with the Wi-Fi connection connected to your device. The issue will abruptly take you back from in-between the course classes. So always ensure that you have a stable internet connection while using the Udemy app.