Vudu is a popular American streaming service from Fandango Media. It was launched back in the year 2010 as Vudu Box, a digital media player. Later in 2009, Vudu started as the very first High-Definition movie streaming platform. The streaming content on Vudu extends across multiple genres. It includes motion pictures, films, music shows, documentaries, cartoons, anime, musicals, and other series. The app is reported to have thousands of free movies and TV shows in its library. Also, some shows stream on Vudu in 4K quality. The section will give you a clear idea of adding and streaming Vudu on Apple TV.

Vudu on Apple TV

Vudu Apple TV app now supports 4k UHD titles, and select titles support Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. Some of the popular content on Vudu includes Mr. Bean, A little Princess, Bloodshot, and  Hell’s Kitchen episodes. Apart from Apple TV, Vudu is available on other devices, including Roku, Fire TV, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, iOS, and Android devices.

Vudu Subscription Plans & Pricing

Vudu is a free streaming service for you without any monthly subscription plans.

  • It has a collection of thousands of free movies that stream along with ads.
  • However, there is a whole big library of paid content on Vudu in which you can rent its contents.
  • The rent of the movies on Vudu often ranges between $3 and $7. 
  • The most advantageous feature of Vudu is that you only need to pay for what you watch on it.

How to Watch Vudu on Apple TV 4th

You can easily add the Vudu app to your Apple TV 4k and Apple TV HD from the App Store. Follow these instructions to get the Vudu app on your device.

Pocket Guide: On your Apple TV, open the App Store >> select the Search icon >> search and select Vudu >> click Get >> select Open >> sign in to continue.

1. On your Apple TV, launch the App Store.

Vudu on Apple TV

2. On the search bar, type, and search for the Vudu app.

Vudu on Apple TV

3. From the search results, pick the Vudu app.

4. Click on the Get button and start downloading the Vudu app.

5. Wait till the download completes.

6. Once the download is complete, select the Open button to launch the Vudu app on your TV.

7. Click on the Settings menu at the top of your screen.

8. Select the Account tab.

9. On the Account tab, click on the Sign In button.

10. Enter the Vudu Sign In details to proceed. Also, you can sign in with details of your Walmart account.

Alternative Method: Install Vudu on Apple TV 3rd Generation & Lower

Since Apple TV 3rd gen ad lower models don’t include App Store, installing apps isn’t possible. However, one shall AirPlay the content from iOS or Mac PC to Apple TV. The below section guides you with the steps to mirror Vudu from iPhone to Apple TV.

1. Start by connecting your Apple TV and iOS to the same WIFI connection.

2. Navigate to click on the Apps section to click on the App Store icon.

3. Hit the Magnifier icon at the bottom to type Vudu.

Vudu on Apple TV

4. Select the app on the suggestions and click on the Vudu app tile.

5. When you get into the app description page, hit the Get button to download it.

6. After the download, click Open to launch the app.

7. Then, provide the sign-in details to log in to your Vudu account.

8. Now, select any content to play on your iPhone and click on the AirPlay icon. If you can’t find it, select the Share icon and choose AirPlay.

Vudu on Apple TV

9. Go ahead to select your Apple TV name from the available devices to establish a connection.

10. Once the connection is established, you will find your iPhone screen on your Apple TV.

Note: For a better streaming experience, rotate your iPhone to landscape mode.

Now, you can enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies with the Vudu Apple TV app on your TV. Either of the methods works the best on Apple TV 4th gen and later. However, other lower model users should rely on the AirPlay method to watch Vudu titles on the TV screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vudu on Apple TV?

Yes, you can add and stream Vudu on Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.

How to check if Vudu is down?

To know the current outages with the streaming apps like Vudu, you shall visit the Downdetector website. It will update the latest outages instantly.

How to activate Vudu on Apple TV.

Note down the activation code displayed once after signing up with Vudu. Then, visit to enter the activation code displayed on your TV. Following that, you shall log in or sign up to activate your device.

How much does Vudu cost per month?

Vudu is basically a free streaming service with free movies. Also, it has a collection of paid movies where you can buy or rent movies. So, you only need to pay for what you stream on it.

Why is Vudu not working?

Vudu may not work for the following reasons:
1. Slow internet connectivity
2. Server maintenance or outage
3. Outdated version of the app
4. Outdated OS on your device