Apple TV has a lot of different and important apps available in the App Store. However, it doesn’t have any web browser available that you can access. For instance, you can’t find Chrome or Safari for Apple TV in the App Store. Apple has never developed Safari, or any other browser with a TV interface compatibility, as typing using an Apple TV remote is a complex process. However, there might be situations when you would actually want to browse the internet on Apple TV. If that is the case with you, let us find out the best web browser that you can actually Access on your Apple TV.

Best Web Browser for Apple TV

Keep reading to find out the best internet browser that you can access on your Apple TV.



You can’t download the AirBrowser app on your Apple TV from the App Store. Instead, you can mirror the app from your iPhone or iPad on your Apple TV. Once you have established the screen mirroring, you can control the functions using your iPhone or iPad respectively. It has a Desktop View, which you can use on your Apple TV instead of the Mobile View that you get on your iPhone. You can access and switch between multiple tabs with the AirBrowser app. In addition, it has all important browser features like bookmarks, multi-tabs, and more. The app comes with a subscription of $5.

Web for Apple TV

Web for Apple TV is an app specially designed so that you can get the best of a web browser on your TV. You have to use your iPhone or iPad to control the browser. There are features to scroll through web pages and even play videos on them. One of the most attractive features of this browser is that it uses the whole TV display. Therefore, it gives you the best of all the websites you visit. You can get subscribed to Web for Apple TV at $2.

Web Browser For Apple TV

Air Web

If you are looking for a decent internet browser for Apple TV, Air Web is the best choice for you. Just as needed, the Air Web app fits your Apple TV screen. Thereby, you can get the best view of your browsing on your TV without losing any content. In addition, it has all the basic necessities of a web browser. It has a very simple user interface and lets you control the same with the help of your iPhone or iPad. Unlike the other web browsers that you can access on your Apple TV, Air Web works fine with filling out forms. You can get subscribed to Air Web for just $2.

Web Browser For Apple TV

How to Use Web Browser in Apple TV Using AirPlay

With the help of the AirPlay feature, you can screen mirror your iPhone or iPad on your Apple TV screen. If you are looking to access a web browser on Apple TV so that you can watch something on a bigger screen with your friends, then screen mirroring a browser will be of great help to you. It means that you can access any web browser on your iPhone or iPad, including Safari and Google Chrome. Also, you can make all the necessary functions with your handy iPhone or iPad. It is also possible to screen mirror your Mac on your Apple TV to access a web browser.


With that, you have a few different options in hand to meet the need for a web browser on the device. There might be a few issues with these web browsers as some of them have bugs and glitches. However, all of these apps can efficiently meet the necessity of a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a web browser for Apple TV?

No. However, you can still access a few different web browsers like AirBrowser, Web for Apple TV, and Air Web on your Apple TV via AirPlay.

2. How do I install Chrome on Apple TV?

You can’t install Google Chrome on your Apple TV. However, you can get access to Google Chrome by screen mirroring the same app from your iPhone or iPad with AirPlay.

3. Can you browse the web with Apple TV?

Browsing the web from Apple TV has few limitations as the user needs to rely on the screen mirroring the webpage from the iOS.

4. Can I get a web browser on Apple TV 4?

Although Apple TV 4th gen supports App Store, you cannot install a web browser.

5. Does Apple TV have a web browser?

No. There are no web browsers available for the Apple TV.

6. Can I install Google Chrome on Apple TV?

No. Chrome isn’t Apple TV compatible and you cannot install it.