Zattoo is now an official app on Apple TV. It is a live TV app that offers 250+ popular channels online. Currently, this streaming app has more than 20 million registered users. And it holds the name of the leading TV streaming provider in Europe. The channels and contents that this app offers depend on the country or region that you’re accessing the app. Besides live TV, you can also stream on-demand titles, sports, documentaries, and more. There is a TV guide option, and you will get an overview of upcoming shows for up to two weeks. If you wish to get Zattoo on Apple TV, read on for its how-to get guide below.

How to Get Zattoo on Apple TV

Follow the steps given below carefully to download Zattoo on Apple TV 4k or Apple HD TV.

Pocket Guide: Navigate to App Store > Click Search icon > Type Zattoo > Select Zattoo app > Tap on Get.

1. Navigate to your Apple TV home screen.

2. Select the App Store tile to launch it on your Apple TV.

App Store on Apple TV

3. Select the Magnifying glass icon on the top-right side, and type Zattoo.

  • Instead of typing, you can press the microphone button on your Siri remote and say “Find Zattoo app”.
Zattoo on Apple TV

4. Select the Zattoo app from the search result.

5. Then, choose the Get option to begin downloading the app.

6. Once the app is successfully downloaded, you’ll have an option to open it on your Apple TV from the app’s more info page itself.

  • Otherwise, you can return to the home screen of your TV and click on the Zattoo app icon.

7. After opening the app, log in with your Zatto account credentials or else register as a new user to create a Zattoo account.

8. With this, you can start streaming any of your favorite content that Zattoo offers.

Zattoo on Apple TV

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How to AirPlay Zattoo to Apple TV

If you own Apple TV 3 generation or lower, you shall AirPlay Zattoo app from your iPhone/iPad.

1. Ensure that the iOS device you use now is connected to the same internet connection as the Apple TV.

2. Download the Zattoo app on your iOS device from App Store.

3. Then launch the Zattoo app and play any of the thousands of Movies and TV shows on Zattoo.

4. Immediately tap on the AirPlay icon and choose your Apple TV name that appears in the list of available devices to AirPlay.

Click on the Airplay icon

5. Wait up to a few seconds for the iOS device’s AirPlay request to get established on your Apple TV.

6. Once the app starts mirroring on your TV, you can rewind, pause, and fast-forward Zattoo videos using your TV’s remote control.

So now you know the different methods on how to stream Zattoo. By using this app, you can discover and watch all your favorite movies and tv shows. If you’re tired of using the expensive streaming services, then give it a try for this budget-friendly app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Zattoo Apple TV app free? 

Zattoo app offers both free and paid subscription plans. The paid one costs around €9.99 to €13.99 per month.

Can I get the Zattoo app for Apple TV 4k?

Yes, since it is the latest model, you can directly download the Zattoo app from its App Store.

What to do if Zattoo Apple TV 3 app is not able to be downloaded?

The Apple TV 3rd generation doesn’t have App Store. So if you have Apple TV 3 in the sense you can’t directly download this app but you can rely on the Screen Mirroring option.

Can we get Zattoo Apple TV 2?

No, you can’t get this app on 2nd generation model.

Why does the Zattoo Apple TV problem arise? 

If you encounter any error message like “Zattoo is currently unavailable,” below are some quick fixes you can try,
 Check your Apple TV internet connection
 Check for tvOS update
 Restart your Apple TV
 Reset Apple TV Settings